WATCH: Falken releases ‘This Is Your Return to The Ring’ short film


Falken Tires pays tributes to its fans by releasing a short film dubbed “This Is Your Return to The Ring.”


  • How long is the short film?

    Falken's short film is only about two minutes long.
  • Where can it be watched?

    It can be viewed from the link found in this story of by going to Falken's official YouTube channel.
  • And while the title of the two-minute short does sounds like a Peter Jackson movie based on one of Tolkien’s works, the clip actually takes viewers to the Nürburgring race track in Germany. You can check it out here.

    The film focuses on the return of fans to “The Green Hell” after being held back by the COVID-19 pandemic. It builds on Falken’s 24-hour race film that won Best Event Film at the 2021 International Motor Film Awards titled: “Whatever Comes Our Way.”

    “This Is Your Return to The Ring” features two parts with the first giving the audience a review of the 2021 race, which had to take place without spectators. The next part previews what fans can expect at the Nürburgring this year, featuring some of the best views from the spectator areas.


    “Without these fans, it’s just a strip of tarmac in the forest,” the film’s narrator states, making it clear it’s the collective enthusiasm of the 200,000 fans trackside that makes the 24-hour race special.

    "This film has a different feel because it was shot last year from areas that previously were not accessible due to the presence of spectators. This allowed us to collect footage that is probably unique,” said MOTIONCTRL FILMPRODUKTION Team Director Tobias Kahler.

    “We are using the film to get the fans in the mood for this year’s 50th anniversary running of the event. So, we have deliberately chosen to release it just under three weeks before the start of the race, because we know that it’s the fans who make the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring legendary, not just the action on track,” added Falken Tire Marketing Head Dennis Wilstermann.

    Photos from Falken

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