Falken PH launches track-ready tire models

Falken Azenis 200 Treadwear series

JM Far East, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Falken tires in the Philippines, launched its two latest tire offerings to the market.


  • What are the two Falken tire models that were launched recently?

    These are the Falken Azenis RT615k+ and RT660.
  • Why are the two tire models brought in the country?

    JM Far East, Inc. is eyeing to to address the growing demand of serious car and track enthusiasts for performance-based tires. 
  • Over the weekend, the company unveiled the Falken Azenis RT615k+ and RT660 — to address the growing demand of serious car and track enthusiasts for performance-based tires. 

    JM Far East President Winston Manabat revealed that the company brought in the 200 Treadwear tires, citing the car manufacturers and distributors are bringing in vehicles that are built to perform. 

    Falken Azenis 200 Treadwear series with Winston Manabat

    The Azenis 200 Treadwear tires will allow enthusiasts to get the most out of their cars and enjoy their vehicles even more, both on and off the race tracks, he added.

    In an interview with Carmudi Philippines, Manabat expressed firm belief that the company “hit the sweet spot and the right timing” in bringing the product locally, saying that many are using the tracks again.

    Derived from original competition-winning Falken Azenis RT615K, the RT615K+ encompasses a digitally-engineered, nanotech-formulated compound enhancement for superior grip and excellent handling. The street-legal tire offers high tread life for longer usage while delivering exemplary performance.


    Falken Azenis 200 Treadwear series

    Meanwhile, the Falken Azenis RT660’s rigid carcass construction provides enhanced steering response and vehicle stability — making it the weapon of choice for those chasing the ultimate lap time. Its motorsports-inspired trad compound assures outstanding grip.

    The Azenis RT615k+ and RT660 tires are offered in popular sizes ranging from 15 inches to 19 inches and are now available for pre-order on all authorized Falken dealerships.

     Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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