WATCH: Kawasaki teases upcoming retro bike


In a recent video released on Kawasaki’s official YouTube channel, the Japanese motorcycle company teases its upcoming motorcycle.

Check out the video here.

The 16-second “teaser” doesn't exactly give us a glimpse of the bike. However, we see a man and a woman wearing open-face helmets, aviator shades, leather jackets, and leather gloves. The only part of the motorcycle we see is its round retro side mirrors.

Speaking of which, Kawasaki ends the video saying that “Retro-Evolution is coming."

That said, word on the web says that the upcoming bike could be a new Z650RS. In fact, the rounded side mirrors we’ve talked about earlier do resemble that of the Kawasaki Z900RS. If the rumors are in fact correct, Kawasaki might be putting out a model to compete with the Honda CB650R, Suzuki’s SV650X, or Yamaha’s XSR700.


In addition, some say that the upcoming retro bike could sport similar design elements as the current Z900RS offered by the motorcycle company, and that Kawasaki might use its 649cc motor used on the Kawasaki Ninja 650.

Photos from Kawasaki

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