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Waze Voice Recorder Lets You Make Your Own Voice Guide

When using the Waze community-based traffic and navigation app, you’re limited to 60 voice direction guides to choose from, like Jane for the English (US) version or Kate and Thomas for the English (UK) versions, all three of which also say the name of the street you’re getting on or going to. On occasion, celebrity voices are also available, usually when it’s tied into a promotion, like when Morgan Freeman’s voice was available when the movie London Has Fallen was showing in cinemas or the voices of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond to promote their new TV series The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

Well, you can now personalize your own voice navigation guide–a loved one, a celebrity you know personally, or if you’re rich enough, a celebrity you can hire to do some voice work for you–on the Waze Voice Recorder.

Available on Waze’s latest update for Android, Release, you can record your own voice guide by accessing the Voice Recorder through the Sound & Voice Setting. You can then record the voice directions by reading out a ready-made script composed of a maximum of 39 lines, with each line having a specific amount of time. The dialogue “All set, Let’s go!” for example, is limited to six seconds. If one or more of the 39 lines doesn’t have a corresponding recorded voice guide, Waze will automatically default to one of the 60 pre-installed voices.

For those on Apple devices, the same feature is supposedly “coming soon.”

So if you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to say “You ready? I am! Let’s go!” as he or she drives to your house or if you’ve somehow hired Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers cartoon and movie franchise to say “We’re ready to roll. Drive safe!” on Waze, you can now with the Waze Voice Recorder.


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