What Would Cars Look Like in 2050? A Futurologist Weighs In

If Auto Trader’s resident futurologist Tom Cheesewright is to be believed, in 30 years’ time, cars will have the ability to change color and provide occupants with plenty of much-needed rest and relaxation.

Cheesewright based his predictions on market trends, the rate of technological development and research into consumer demand to come up with a 2050 concept car that’s fully electric, fully autonomous, color changing, and with enough cabin space for passengers to do some recreational activities, maybe even sleep or do some yoga while traveling.

Some cars may even have a mattress built-in, a feature that 24 percent of motorists said they’ll use to catch up on some shut eye on their way to work.

Meanwhile, some 22 percent will use their car’s hands-free driving function to put in some light reading. Another 19 percent say they’ll use the extra time to binge-watch streaming shows.

Other planned recreational activities inside these future cars include board games (16 percent), hair and makeup (15 percent), yoga (4 percent), and sex (13 percent).

The car of the future will also likely be fitted with 360-degree panoramic glass windows, Cheesewright surmises.

Meanwhile, the color-changing feature will be made possible by ‘digital paint’ that allows a car owner to change the look of the exterior with the use of an app.

Aside from the color, perhaps even the style can be changed, Auto Trader assumes. This will probably render decals obsolete.

“This feature could be widely available as early as the year 2040,” the American automotive marketplace website claims.

The car should also cater full voice operation, according to 10 percent of drivers. “The car welcomes passengers with a friendly AI that helps them set their preferred driving speed and style, whether out for a leisurely Sunday drive or dashing home for dinner,” Auto Trader imagines.

The 2050 car is fitted with windows that extend right over the roof in one large bubble, offering more head room to allow passengers to freely move around during transit.

“Tomorrow’s car takes you from A to B with minimum fuss and in maximum style,” Cheesewright said. “Future technologies will give designers free reign to create more space and comfort, so that we can get on with our lives while an AI takes care of the driving. While our cars won’t be flying any time soon, we can all benefit from cleaner, quieter, safer roads. In just twenty years, the age of the combustion engine will be well and truly over.”

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