Yamaha to fit radar-linked brakes, cooperative intelligent transport system on Tracer 9 GT Plus

yamaha safety features

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed new safety features that would help the company achieve its goal of zero fatal traffic accidents by 2050.


  • What technology does Yamaha’s cooperative intelligent transport system use to communicate with other vehicles?

    Yamaha’s cooperative intelligent transport system uses vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology to communicate with other vehicles.
  • What Yamaha motorcycle will feature the safety technologies developed by the company?

    The safety features developed by Yamaha will be featured in the Tracer 9 GT Plus.
  • During a virtual press conference, the Japanese marque are the radar-linked unified brake system (UBS) and the cooperative intelligent transport system (CITS).

    Per Yamaha, the radar-linked unified brake system works by “adjusting the front and rear brake distribution according to the relative speed of the vehicle ahead, even with constant brake input.”

    A millimeter-wave radar detects the distance between the motorcycle and the vehicle in front. Should the radar deem the distance too close, a rider intervention request is displayed on the motorcycle instrument panel. If the rider’s braking operation is insufficient, the system applies additional braking force to both wheels.

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    While it may not entirely prevent collisions, it can significantly improve high deceleration and balance.

    In addition, Yamaha revealed that it is developing a cooperative intelligent transport system (CITS) that would allow its motorcycles to communicate with other vehicles on the road. Using vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, a CITS-equipped motorcycle can exchange information with other vehicles such as position and speed using wireless communication.

    A Yamaha motorcycle fitted with CITS technology will receive a notification if a car sporting the same system is in close proximity. A rider behind a truck or a large vehicle, for example, will be wary of overtaking the automobile in front knowing that another vehicle is approaching.

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    This technology was previously showcased by Audi to demonstrate how V2X technology can reduce cyclist-related injuries and fatalities

    Yamaha said that the aforementioned safety features will be available on the Tracer 9 GT Plus — scheduled to be released next year.

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    The Hamamatsu-based brand also hinted at its plans to have an airbag-equipped motorcycle in the future. Details of this safety feature are yet to be disclosed although we believe it to be similar to the Honda Goldwing.

    Photos from Yamaha and Juan Paulo Papa

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