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Audi Cars for Sale in Philippines

Apr 22, 2024 - Currently, 44 Audi Cars for Sale in Philippines. Carmudi is your ultimate destination to find all new Cars (9) information, including Car specs, features, prices and images that will help you choose. Find great deals on good condition 15 second hand Cars for sale in the Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Check out the largest stock of used Cars all over the Philippines, starting at ₱800,000 only.

44 Audi Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest Audi car is available for ₱800,000 and the most expensive one for ₱11.8 Million. Get great deals and promos on Audi cars for sale in Philippines, view detailed price list (DP & Monthly Installment), reviews, fuel consumption, images, specifications, Audi car models variant details & more. Select your favorite drive out of available 44 Audi cars and make your dream come true of buying your own car.

Audi Cars for Sale Philippines

When it comes to premium luxury, Audi is one such brand, the existence of which can’t be ignored. The German automaker that also goes by the name Audi AG, is a hit amongst the Filipinos. A brand that is completely into designing, producing, engineering, and marketing its cars, Audi is a completely owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. With its roots that have a stronghold in countries like Bavaria, Ingolstadt, and Germany, the Audi-branded vehicles are manufactured over nine production facilities that are spread across the world.

Making its debut in the early 20th century, marking the origins of the German automaker can be a complex task. The company began its operations as Horch and the Audiwerke enterprise in its initial stages. Later, the enterprise took the shape of Auto Union in 1932. Fast forward to the present, Audi is a name that needs no introduction.

We at Carmudi bring your new and conditioned Audi cars for sale. However, our job is not done there, we also offer a complete breakdown of the technical specs, reviews, and analysis of used Audi cars to help you get your hands on the best-conditioned vehicles.

Talking of its Philippines offering, Audi brings you a wide lineup, ranging from 7 SUV, 5 Sedan, 5 Coupe, 3 Hatchback, and 1 Station Wagon.

Audi SUV for Sale

Ranging from full-size to a compact size, Audi has SUV offerings for almost every user. The wide variety of options available are engineered to match the lifestyle taste of a wide variety of buyers. Every Audi SUV comes with a rigid design and tall stance. Further, to add to its offering, the SUVs receive the latest technological advancements from the brand. Audi cars Philippines has a line-up in SUV that includes Audi Q5, Audi Q3, Audi Q7, Q2, Audi Q8, E-Tron, RS Q8.

However, every individual Audi SUV has its own pros and cons, confusing you with the ideal choice. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons to help you find the perfect Audi SUV:

Advantages and disadvantages of Audi SUV Cars Philippines

The Audi SUV advantages:

  • Reliable engine performance: The powerful mill developed by Audi has everything that you can demand from the automaker, the engine is strong, efficient, and powerful.
  • Lush, cozy interior: The interiors of the Audi SUV lineup are comfortable and convenient for the drive of every type.

The Audi SUV Disadvantages:

  • High maintenance costs: The maintenance cost of an Audi SUV are certainly on the higher side.
  • Low fuel returns: The Audi SUVs are not very mileage efficient, giving you frequent rounds of the filling station.

New and Used Audi SUV Models at Carmudi

Audi Sedans for Sale

The 4-door offerings by the German manufacturer are no less than a modern luxury that comes in a compact size. The Audi sedans have a great reputation for robust build quality and strong styling, paired with the latest generation of interiors and features. Today, the sedans manufactured by Audi have a competing edge over the likes of Mercedes, and Jaguar, offering you compact, subcompact, and midsize to full-size models. The brand has everything your budget can decide!

Audi’s Philippines lineup for sedan includes Audi A4 Sedan, A6 Sedan, A7 Sportback, A8 L, and the RS 3 Sedan. Here’s a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide better.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Audi Sedan Cars Philippines

The Audi Sedan Advantages

  • Sound, robust build: The engineers at Audi have done a great job at developing finesse in the sound structure of their 4-door sedans over time. Today, Audi is the manufacturer of some of the safest sedans that you can drive.
  • mpressive handling & performance: Not only the build quality but the mill that is paired to the Audi sedans bring powerful engines with reliable power output.

The Audi Sedan Disadvantages

  • Price tag: The Audi sedans are placed a bit over the higher side, considering the others in its segment. If you are willing to invest in an expensive sports sedan, then this is the car for you.
  • Stiff leg movement on the rear: While Audi has tried its best to develop a spacious sedan, the rear end of the cabin certainly lacks leg-space.

New and Used Audi Sedan Models at Carmudi

Audi Coupe for Sale

Audi brings you speed, unmatched styling, and extreme sportiness with its Coupe offering. The sleek yet elegant-looking roadsters come with sharp looks and brilliant aerodynamics that add to their class. Further, the coupe offerings by Audi are paired to extremely powerful performance. The interior cabin also ensures elegance, making it the dream of sports car enthusiasts.

Audi’s Philippines lineup for Coupe includes Audi R8 Spyder, Audi A5, Audi TT, Audi RS5 Coupe, and R8 Coupe. Listed below are the pros and cons of owning a car from the segment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Audi Coupe Cars Philippines

The Audi Coupe Advantages:

  • Premium styling: The Coupe resonates with the strong exterior styling, adding to the elegance of the offering across the lineup.
  • Plush interiors: Audi has done a great job at pairing its Coupe models with rich, plush interiors that add to the overall upholstery.

The Audi Coupe Disadvantages:

  • Small Cargo Area: The car is hindered by its loss of practical space and lacks sufficient space for storage across the lineup.
  • High Base Price: The entry-level model Coupe by Audi is priced higher than its competitors. However, if you are a true sports fan, the price tag might seem reasonable to you.

Audi Hatchback for Sale

Hatchbacks by Audi are a practical offering that can seat up to five people. The cars in this segment are comfortable, convenient, and offer plenty of room to meet your daily travel necessities. Their practical styling makes them the best cars for everyday use in the city. Thanks to its responsive sterling. Their load of features makes the Audi Hatchback, the best option for first-time Hatchback users.

Audi Cars Philippines has a line-up in Hatchbacks that include Audi A3, A1 Sportback, A1. Listed below are the pros and cons of owning a car in the segment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Audi Hatchback Cars Philippines

The Audi Hatchback Advantages:

  • Practical Space: The best part of owning the Audi Hatchback is its practical offering that offers you a lot of space at your disposal. Further, the smartly designed cabin space adds to the extensive storage option.
  • Have a nice resale value: In terms of value, the Audi Hatchbacks carry a great resale value.

The Audi Hatchback Disadvantages:

  • A bit uncomfortable for rough terrains: The Hatchback by Audi have their own styling and are not so effective on rough terrains.
  • The styling might be a problem for some: Many people don’t agree with the hatchback style, thinking that Sedans are a better option.

Audi Station Wagon for Sale

Audi’s Station Wagon lineup includes a sole variant offering for the Philippines market, the RS 6 Avant. The car is all about luxury and space on wheels. Audi has done a great job at making a premium car with their latest drive assist technology and powerful performance. If you seek luxury for value, the Audi Station Wagon is for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of Audi Station Wagon Cars Philippines

The Audi Station Wagon Advantages:

  • Practical Styling: The automaker has done a great job at offering unmatched styling to its car. The vehicle offers a superior level of looks and comfort, making it a sought-after offering.
  • Powerful engine: Besides its space, the Audi Sports Wagon has a powerful mill on offer, making it an easy ride in almost all forms of terrains.

The Audi Station Wagon Disadvantages:

  • Tough to maneuver: The XL size of the car makes it difficult to take it around the city. The handling can also be tough at times.
  • High on maintenance: The car is certainly expensive when it comes to the maintenance part of the offering.

Audi Philippines Cars Price List 2024

Audi Cars for Sale in Philippines Price List start at for the inexpensive model Audi A1 Sportback and goes up to ₱11.8 Million for the most expensive Car model Audi RS 6 Avant.

Model Price List
Audi R8 Spyder Price coming soon
Audi e-tron Price coming soon
Audi RS 6 Avant ₱11.8 Million
Audi RS Q3 Sportback Price coming soon
Audi RS 4 Avant Price coming soon
Audi E-tron GT Price coming soon
Audi RS E-tron GT Price coming soon
Audi RS 3 Sportback Price coming soon
Audi Q8 E-tron ₱6.25 - 7.25 Million
Audi RS5 Coupe ₱8.5 Million
Audi Q2 ₱2.99 Million
Audi Q3 Price coming soon
Audi A6 Sedan ₱4.69 Million
Audi RS 5 Sportback Price coming soon
Audi A3 Sedan Price coming soon
Audi Q5 ₱5.65 - 5.75 Million
Audi Q7 ₱7.49 Million
Audi A1 Sportback Price coming soon

Second Hand Audi Cars Price List

Used Cars in Philippines Starts at ₱888,000 for model Audi A1 Sportback for Sale and goes upto ₱4.2 Million for model Audi e-tron for Sale.

Audi Model Price List
Audi e-tron for Sale Starts @ ₱4.2 Million*
Audi A4 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.25 Million*
Audi A3 for Sale Starts @ ₱995,000 *
Audi RS5 Coupe for Sale Starts @ ₱3.889 Million*
Audi Q3 for Sale Starts @ ₱800,000 *
Audi Q5 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.25 Million*
Audi Q7 for Sale Starts @ ₱3.7 Million*
Audi A1 Sportback for Sale Starts @ ₱888,000 *

Audi Dealers

There are 5 authorized Audi cars dealers across 3 cities in the Philippines.

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