Zero down and zero cash out in new Maxus PH promo


Maxus Philippines recently launched its latest promo for the month of July.

The “Zero Down Payment and Zero Cash Out to the Max” promo, a joint partnership with BPI Family Savings Bank, aims to make owning Maxus vehicles easier for Filipino families looking for an efficient and reliable vehicle.

Under the promo, the Maxus T60 pickup truck will now be priced at P948,000 (from P998,000 SRP) and if offered with monthly payments of P23,682.

The Maxus G50 MPV will now be priced at P1,068,000 (from P1,088,000 SRP) and a monthly payment of P26,679.


Meanwhile, the Maxus D60 SUV gets a reduced price of P1,118,000 (from P1,148,000 SRP) with a P27,928 monthly payment.


The Maxus V80 van now starts at P1,430,000 (from P1,570,000 SRP) at P35,722 monthly.


And lastly, the Maxus G10 van is now priced at P1,710,000 (from P1,790,000 SRP) and will have a P42,716 monthly payment.


All the aforementioned vehicles will require a BPI deposit of 20 percent.

According to Maxus Philippines, “There is no actual down payment to be paid to the dealer. Approved customers will be asked to execute a Hold-Out Agreement from BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank Account to fulfill the down payment requirement.”

Clients who will take advantage of the promo can earn interest on their assigned account on hold.

On top of the reduced prices of Maxus’ current offerings, customers can get a free chattel mortgage fee. The first year of their comprehensive insurance fee is also free of charge.

Photos from Maxus

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