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Motorstar supplies only the best quality vehicles and this one is yet another example from their impressive fleet. This new Motorstar Xplorer X200 2018 comes with a Manual transmission system ...

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Xplorer X200 for sale

Motorstar Xplorer X200 for sale in the Philippines

The Motorstar Xplorer X200 is a sport touring bike from the Chinese motoring firm Zongshen. Introduced in 2004, the Xplorer X200 has an increased fuel economy but still retains its racing genetics. To do this, Zongshen installed a dedicated 200cc engine instead of simply remodelling its existing Supersports engine used in rally models.

Why should you buy a Motorstar Xplorer X200?

Performance and engine specs

Behind the Xplorer 200’s rousing performance is a 200 cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine which provides 15 horsepower at 8000 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. This allows this tourer to clock up a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour (kph) and accelerate from 0-100 kph in just 10 seconds. When driven on freeways, this motorcycle can turn in a fuel efficiency rating of 40 km/L.

The design of the Motorstar Xplorer X200

The Xplorer X200 is a new take on the sportbike design as it adopts heavy sports aerodynamics, has a muscular body frame and better stability when driven on highways. Keeping this motorcycle’s rigidity is a inverted telescopic front suspension and a mono-shock, swingarm in its rear. Its wheelbase is also significantly longer at 1,360 mm.

Rear brakes are single disc, single caliper, while its front brakes adopt a dual disc, double caliper. Using these with a multi-disc, cable-actuated clutch allows the Xplorer X200 to negotiate a braking distance of 5 meters when it is running at 30 kph.

What are the standout features of the Xplorer X200

The X200’s engine uses a traditional push rod valve system that allows it to endure long distance travels. This is possible as it eliminates the risk of its timing chain failing through from the heat of prolonged driving. This configuration, however, limits the top speed. Because it is air cooled, a half fairing design was adopted to this motorcycle to facilitate proper air flow.

The X200 is often sold as a naked bike which means it does not have the necessary touring accessories and the distinguishing ready ports for saddle-bags that most sportbikes have. This shaves off some of its price but has earned it the reputation of being a “MotoGP wannabe”.

Xplorer X200 price

A brand new Motorstar Xplorer X200 has a price range of P70,000 to P80,000, depending on the dealer’s location. A second hand unit usually costs P50,000 for 2010 models and older, depending on its general condition, mileage and amount of customization.


The Motorstar Xplorer X200 is a great touring alternative to some of its Japanese competitors. It has power to boot and a speed few motorcycles can cross. Although it has a low fuel efficiency, this motorcycle is great for day-to-day city driving. Locally, it competes with the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja, the Yamaha FZ and the Honda CBR.

In general, motorcycle buyers that want to hit long distance travelling with a sporty design will consider the Motorstar Xplorer for its:

  • Powerful engine
  • Sporty body design
  • Large fuel tank
  • Low maintenance cost

Interesting facts about the Xplorer X200

In China, this motorcycle is known as the Zongshen 200 GS.