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I've been looking at this scooter since the day it was launched here in philippines. I Had a dio way back in 90's and I really love this motoscoot since then. I keep on repeating those reviews online and keep on coming back at honda to just to see it for myself the specification 9f this motoscoot. Finally, i have made that decision that best suites me in this Dio. 1st is this motoscoot is value for money, i was amazed that this is the most ever cheapest bike in the market which is if your on budget wise this is for you. I have chosen between the honda's beat,click & PCX but dio is the best fits me. 2nd thing 8s bulky looks of this scoot that best attracts me which is i am not seeing on beat and click, I have bought this 2 scoots before which is some reasons why I sold them. The experience on the road with this dio that I found is that the stability on the highway road makes me feel comfortable unlike of the 2 scoots I have mentioned. To elaborate that experience when on highway roads the air on a open highways will not easily push you away by the wind because of the net weight of the dio of 105kg plus the riders weight will make you stable on the road. 3rd thing that I like is the torque of this scoot, low rpm but it gives you the "hatak" I have run this dio from Ruzal to Quezon Real with the max speed of 95kph all stock full throttle and no modification That makes me amaze against with my co riders such as Nmax, click and beat in other words hindi ako na iiwan. The Thing that Dont like sa looks is the rear engine, medyo pasok sya sa likod that makes the dio look like e-bike. Because of everyday looking at it I have allready cure that hate. I have successfully extend the engine back of the chassis that makes me feel more macho look and makes it real scooter for me. For now i will leave it at all stock but good thing in this scoot if you wanted to get more power is you can easily modify with big carbs from honda tmx 155 since this is still a carburator type and pang gilid for more engine power.


Dan Paul Dy Friday Apr 1, 2022 08:49:50

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