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Kawasaki KLX 140

Honestly, when it comes to the Kawasaki KLX 140, there is no other match even close to the potential of this KLX 140. I am fond of dirt bikes, and Kawasaki gave us a chance to revisit our old favorites. There are variants, and they get a space followed by an extra single-letter designation. So, the KLX140G is now the KLX140R F, the largest of three KLX140R dirt bikes. KLX140R is a 144cc air-cooled four-stroke trail bike with a 5-speed manual clutch and transmission. It has three different wheel sizes and heights. For those who love dirt bikes, the new KLX140 144cc is a great bike, and I would recommend it to others.


James Saturday Jul 30, 2022 11:13:59

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