Intense utility bike meant for city commuting purpose

Yamaha YTX 125

My day to day traveling to work was getting troublesome due to getting late while commuting by public conveyances. That is the sole reason for which I felt like buying a bike which can erase this tension of commuting and make my life flawless. Thus, without any further delay I explored Yamaha showroom nearby. Finally after a vivid search in the store I bought Yamaha ytx-125. This bike not only eliminated my commuting issue but proved to be a highly utilitarian bike. This is an ideal bike to ride on city roads and even you can make your way with ease through traffic areas with ease once you are on this.


Cristian Wednesday Mar 24, 2021 08:42:30


Lost Kamote on Saturday Mar 27, 2021 00:14:09

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Based on 18 Customer Reviews
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