Compare Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6

Dongfeng Captain-E 4W CAB CHASSIS 10FT
SRP : ₱1.098 Million View Promo
SRP : ₱1.22 Million View Promo
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+ XZU730L + N-Series + Panther + Captain-C
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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Basic Information

    • User Reviews
    • 5
      Dongfeng Captain-E Reviews

      You should rather get the Captain-C model from the same manufacturer

      There is nothing wrong with the Captain-E truck but the Captain-C model and Captain-E model costs nearly the same, and you get considerably better features and performance with the Captain-C model. I have tried both the models and I went with the Captain-C model after considerable thought. The exterior design, cockpit features, overall performance, cabin space, all these features help the Captain-C model get an upper hand over the Captain-E model. Even though in comparison the Captain-E might seem bad but it is a great truck in its own right, if you have budget constraints and you want to get the Captain-E, you can absolutely do so, because it is a solid truck in itself as well.


      Nathaniel Monday Dec 13, 2021 19:00:17

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    • 5
      JMC JMK6 Reviews

      Light-duty and powerful

      The JMK6 is suitable for light to medium hauling duties. JMC trucks are extremely popular in many countries and they are known for their practicality and durability. The 4-cylinder, 2.8-liter engine of the JM6 produces 260Nm peak torque. The truck is adequately powerful for transportation within the city. It comes with a 3,000kg payload capacity. The tilting cabin is pretty basic with optional AC. It can accommodate three persons. The seating isn’t much comfortable and the JM6 is suitable only for short trips. The 220m high ground clearances lend a clear view of the road. The JM6 is one of the better trucks in its class.


      Katsuro Wednesday Aug 11, 2021 14:54:39

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    • Limited after-sales service truck bays

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    • Outdated design

      Limited reach in sales and service support

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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Safety

    • Seat Belts
    • Hill Hold
    • ABS

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Exterior

    • Fog Lights

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Comfort & Convenience

    • Arm Rest
    • Adjustable Driver Seat
    • Telematics
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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Entertainment & Communication

    • Navigation System

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Transmission

    • Gearbox
    • 5-Speed
    • 5 Speed
    • Transmission
    • Manual
    • Manual

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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Performance

    • Max Torque
    • 360 Nm
    • 260 Nm
    • RPM at Max Torque
    • 2000
    • 2200
    • Fuel Type
    • Diesel
    • Diesel
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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Suspension & Brakes

    • Parking brakes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Seat Type
    • Standard
    • Standard
    • Cabin Type
    • Day Cabin
    • Day Cabin
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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Engine Details

    • Rear Axle
    • 3.5T
    • Front Axle
    • 2T
    • Engine
    • D28D11-4DA E4
    • 4JB1 direct injection turbo engine
    • Engine Cylinders
    • 4

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Miscellaneous

    • Driver Information Display
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Emission Norms
    • Euro 2

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Dimensions & Capacity

    • Overall Height
    • 2155 mm
    • 2140 mm
    • Overall Width
    • 1900 mm
    • 1880 mm
    • Overall Length
    • 4990 mm (10 ft)
    • 5955 mm
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Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Wheel & Tyre

    • Rear Tyre
    • 7.00R16
    • 215/75R15
    • Front Tyre
    • 7.00R16
    • 215/75R15

Dongfeng Captain-E vs JMC JMK6 - Steering

    • Power Steering
    • Yes
    • Steering
    • Power Steering

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