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Mazda truck for sale

Mazda trucks for sale in the Philippines

Mazda is a Japanese brand of automobiles which centers its production on top-performing but affordable cars and commercial vehicles. As of 2013, it is considered as the 12th largest automotive firm in the Philippines and enjoys more than a 1 percent market share.

It was founded by Jujiro Matsuda in 1920 and started out as the Tokyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. The brand was named after Ahura Mazda, a god of intelligence, wisdom and harmony in Western Asian traditions. Its current marketing slogan is “Zoom-Zoom” which tries to emphasize the speed of its vehicles.

A number of the commercial vehicles produced by Mazda are also rebadged by other brands particularly Suzuki (for trucks and mini commercial models) and Nissan (for their vans). However, Mazda decided to pull the plug on their commercial vehicles in 2012 and instead decided to focus on Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM).

Technology and innovation

Mazda has been known for its long history of innovative technological concepts for automobiles. It has produced some of the most noteworthy engines such as their versions of the V-twin, V6, straight-4 and piston engines.

In the passenger car segment, Mazda has come up with Skyactiv technology which is a series of technologies aimed at improving the fuel efficiency and the performance of its cars. Two of its impressive features are the i-STOP and i-ELOOP system which resumes the car’s drivability without re-starting it again.

Venturing into the commercial vehicle segment has also paid off for Mazda. It has produced several minivans and trucks under three of its more popular nameplates- the kei van the Mazda Scrum, the pickup truck the Mazda Titan and the commercial van the Mazda Bongo.

Popular Mazda truck models

Mazda makes reliable commercial vehicles aimed at providing quality vehicles to assist in different commercial purposes. Some of their well-known models include:

The Mazda Bongo is a commercial van known also as the Mazda E-Series or Access. Its latest fourth generation was released in 1999 and was discontinued on 2012, following the car firm’s announcement the it would stop the production of commercial vehicles and re-shift its focus to fuel efficient cars.

The Mazda Titan is a range of commercial trucks which Mazda has produced since 1971. It is offered in two body variants- standard cab and crew cab. This vehicle can carry a payload of 1.5 to 4 tons, depending on its variant. At some point, this model was also rebadged as the Isuzu Elf.

The Mazda Mini Drop Side is a modified Mazda Scrum which features a small body frame and a short cargo flat bed.

One of the exclusive versions of the Mazda Titan is the Mazda T2500 Aluminum Van, which has an enclosed cargo box able to load up to 2.5 tons of products. After production units usually sport a blue-toned body.

Availability of Mazda trucks in the Philippines

The Berjaya Auto Philippiens (BAP) is the official importer and distributor of Mazda passenger vehicles in the country. It currently has 15 dealerships and showrooms around the country. Commercial vehicles, however, are generally imported into the country.

Interesting facts about Mazda

Aside from commercial and passenger vehicles, this Japanese brand also has a sports car segment released through its in-house street car tuning arm and go by the Mazdaspeed name.

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