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New and Used Mitsubishi Canter for Sale Philippines

Mitsubishi Canter for sale Philippines| Mitsubishi Canter price list | White Mitsubishi Canter


The Mitsubishi Canter is a series of light-duty trucks developed and marketed by the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. This commercial vehicle line was first introduced in 1963 and has since then followed the standard cab or crew cab truck body layout. The Canter is Mitsubishi Fuso’s much-venerated model, especially in European and American markets. In its efforts to prove its superiority over its top competitor Isuzu, the company created a study. According to Fuso, their products, when compared with the popular Isuzu Elf line, are at least eight percent more fuel efficient and can run farther.

Fuso also published on their website that the Canter can carry 2,200 pounds more than the Elf and commercial vehicle buyers could save up to P365,000 in fuel costs, service maintenance and repair costs. In the Philippines, the Canter appears in three prominent variants: the FE71, the FE833 and the FE85, all of which are light duty commercial vehicles (CVs). Local truck enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Mitsubishi Canter is entirely assembled in the Philippines, and has been that way since 1964.

The Mitsubishi Canter was last updated in 2010. Mr. Masahiko Ueki, MMPC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has this to say during the popular light truck’s release that year, “We look forward to the success of the all-new Fuso Canter and expect that this introduction will bring additional positive growth in terms of sales commensurate to the continuing economic recovery of the country.”




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Mitsubishi Canter Review in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Canter Specs and Performance

The Mitsubishi Canter is powered by two Euro 2-compliant engines, namely, the 4D34-2AT5 and the 4D34-2AT4.  The 4D34-2AT5 is equipped in the four-wheel FE71 and the six-wheel FE83 and churns out 108 hp and 275 Nm. The 4D34-2AT4 meanwhile, is used in the six-wheeler FE85 and produces 134 hp and 370 Nm. Suspension comes by way of a semi-elliptic laminated leaf spring system.

Mitsubishi Canter Fuel Consumption

The Canter’s latest version posts good to best fuel economy and government emission regulation compliance thanks to its Euro 2- compliant engines. Take a look at how fuel consumption has improved in the Canter truck over the years:

New Mitsubishi Canter fuel consumption:

  • Mitsubishi Canter 2017: 12.9 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2016: 12.9 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2015: 12.5 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2014: 12.0 MPG average rating

Second hand Mitsubishi Canter fuel consumption:

  • Mitsubishi Canter 2013: 11.9 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2012: 8.5 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2011: 8.7 MPG average rating
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2010: 8.5 MPG average rating


Mitsubishi Canter Features

Mitsubishi Canter Convenience and Entertainment Features

The size of the Mitsubishi Canter’s cab ranks among the biggest in its class, providing more legroom than ever. This allows for superior driver and passenger comfort. Dubbed by many to be the ideal truck to own, the latest Canter comes with the following highlight features:

  • 1-DIN CD/MP3/Tuner audio system
  • 6-position blower with heater function
  • Reverse warning buzzer
  • Hydraulic-controlled clutch
  • Efficient turbo intercooled diesel engines
  • Small turning radius for easy maneuverability


Mitsubishi Canter Safety Features

State-of-the-art technologies can be found all over the Canter. Designed with optimal occupant safety in mind, here are six of the superior safety features to expect from the Mitsubishi Canter truck:

  • RISE cab and chassis structure
  • 3-year or 100,000 kilometer warranty
  • Single dry plate type clutch
  • Dealer option reverse camera
  • Side impact beams
  • Collapsible steering wheel


Mitsubishi Canter Design

Mitsubishi Canter Interior

Ergonomics inside the Canter is excellent—switches and levers have been arranged to provide easy access and operation, and for added ease-of-use, common functions are integrated into one multifunction switch lever. Resistant materials have been used on seat covers and floor coverings to enhance their durability and longevity. Other notable features inside the Canter include:

  • 1-DIN CD/MP3/Tuner audio system
  • 6-position blower with heater function
  • Comfortable cabin with car-like features
  • More leg room than ever
  • Tilt/telescopic steering wheel
  • Steering lock with Power Assist


Mitsubishi Canter Exterior

Outside, the Canter’s door handles, steps, and maintenance points are protected from unwanted dirt buildup. Cab doors swing out at a comfortable 950 mm. for easy ingress/egress of both drivers and passengers. Other grand exterior offerings include:

  • Reverse Elliot “I” beam type front and rear axle
  • Dirt-resistant finish
  • Hydraulic double-acting telescopic shock absorbers
  • Stabilizer bars
  • Two 12-volt car batteries
  • Lockable fuel tank cap


Mitsubishi Canter Color Options

The Mitsubishi Canter is only available in white.


Mitsubishi Canter Pros and Cons

The following are some Mitsubishi Canter advantages and disadvantages:

Mitsubishi Canter Pros

  • The Mitsubishi Canter is a flexible light-duty truck with lots of customization options.
  • With its long history and reputation, the Canter guarantees durability and reliability.
  • Due to the large vehicle mass, the Mitsubishi Canter offers best in class payload.
  • The Mitsubishi Canter has pretty good fuel economy, especially its new models.

Mitsubishi Canter Cons

  • The Mitsubishi Canter can sometimes suffer from gearbox maintenance issues.
  • Unlike the old models, the new Mitsubishi Canter models lacks low-range gearing.
  • The Mitsubishi Canter's ride can be a bit rough, especially while carrying small loads.
  • The old Mitsubishi Canter models have an engine that revs hard to maintain 95km/h.


Mitsubishi Canter Price List in the Philippines

The Mitsubishi Canter is available at all authorized Mitsubishi dealers nationwide, with costs ranging from P1,120,000 to P1,355,000. If a brand new Canter is beyond your budget, there are plenty of second hand Canters being sold or rented by contractors and construction companies from all over. Deciding whether to buy or rent depends on how long you intend to use the vehicle, and how immediate your need is. Don’t hesitate to talk to an industry expert to discover which one is more feasible for your situation.

New Mitsubishi Canter Price in the Philippines

  • Mitsubishi Canter 2017 price in the Philippines: P1,355,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2016 price in the Philippines: P1,355,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2015 price in the Philippines: P780,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2014 price in the Philippines: P860,000


Second Hand Mitsubishi Canter Price in the Philippines

  • Mitsubishi Canter 2013 price in the Philippines: P680,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2012 price in the Philippines: P450,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2009 price in the Philippines: P680,000
  • Mitsubishi Canter 2006 price in the Philippines: P600,000


Mitsubishi Canter latest offers in the Philippines


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