2020 BMW Z4 G29 Gets Souped up by Acclaimed BMW Tuner AC Schnitzer

2020 BMW Z4 G29 Gets Souped up by Acclaimed BMW Tuner AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer lives to tune BMWs—its main reason for existence. It goes without saying when BMW releases a sports car, AC Schnitzer will be hot on its heels with tweaks and updates to make the car an even better performing and looking car. Such is the case with the 2020 BMW Z4 G29 Series.

There’s an upgrade for all of the 2020 Z4’s versions, but the best package goes to the top-ranging Z4 M40i, beginning with the sport rear silencer tailpipes, available in Sport Carbon or Sport Black, with two tailpipes on each side. The 20i and 30i also get their own silencer, albeit with only two tailpipes—one on each side.


The M40i also receives a height-adjustable RS coilover suspension that imbues the car with tension, compression and lowering capabilities. Using the custom AC Schnitzer spring kit, the Z4 M40i can be lowered anywhere between 15mm and 25 mm at both the front and rear compared to the standard vehicle. For the perfect racing feel, AC Schnitzer suggests lowering the front and rear by 25mm.

Owners of a 20i or 30i Z4 can also lower their ride with their own AC Schnitzer spring kit available, which allows the front to be lowered by 25mm to 35mm and the rear by 20mm to 30mm.

As for aerodynamics, a new front splitter grants added downforce to the front axle, while a two-piece rear spoiler boosts downforce at the rear axle. Bonnet vents help improve the air circulation around the engine, while side skirts beef up the side while providing intake effect.


The BMW Z4 that the tuner worked on has a ground contact that benefits from the progressive design of the wheelsets. New 20-inch AC3 Lightweight Forged Wheels silver/anthracite or anthracite/silver and AC1 light alloy rims BiColor or anthracite give further racing excitement to the Z4 roadster.

Inside, the Z4 comes witted with new aluminum paddle shifters with matching aluminum footrest and pedals.

As for power, all the tuner updates combine to squeeze more horses from the Z4’s standard 3.0-liter straight six engine, from 382 hp to 400 horses.

Here’s a gallery of images for the 2020 BMW Z4’s AC Schnitzer updates for your viewing pleasure.

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