40 Series Land Cruiser gets Toyota Gazoo Racing gifts for its 70th birthday


The Toyota 40 series Land Cruiser just turned 70 on August 1. The Japanese carmaker announced that the 40 series LC, which was produced between 1960 and 1984, will be getting Toyota Gazoo Racing spare parts to be made under the GR Heritage Parts Project.

By reproducing discontinued spare parts, this project aims to sell genuine products through a special collaboration with suppliers to help Toyota customers who wish to maintain old vehicles like the 40 series LC.

Being one of the brand’s longest-running nameplates, the Land Cruiser has long fulfilled its promise "to take people anywhere and everywhere and come back alive and safe." It’s a dependable and reliable ride that even models that have been discontinued for decades are still running in good condition.

However, parts shortages in recent years made it harder for old LC owners to maintain their vehicles.

On that note, Toyota Gazoo Racing has made the decision to reproduce parts for the 40 series LC. To help identify the parts that have a high demand, Toyota has carried out preliminary surveys with exclusive Land Cruiser dealers and fan club representatives from across the globe. As a result, Toyota is now advancing preparations to reproduce and sell parts related to the critical functions of driving, turning, and braking for the 40 Series Land Cruiser.

The parts will be sold as “heritage parts” which will include engines, drivelines, exhaust systems, and other related components.

Toyota says that the parts will be released as soon preparations have been completed, with a target launch date of the beginning of 2022.

In addition, Toyota Gazoo Racing is working on a questionnaire to be published on its website where customers can submit their reproduction requests. The collated data will be used by Toyota Gazoo Racing to help determine the next series of heritage parts to be reproduced.

Photo from Toyota

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