New V6-powered Toyota Land Cruiser 300 adds more off-road tech, GR version


Toyota estimates that globally, a total of 10.4 million Land Cruiser units have been sold since the first LC was launched in 1951. And currently, more than 300,000 units a year are sold in 170 countries and regions. 

To continue to live up to its reputation as a vehicle that allows people to go anywhere and everywhere, Toyota has improved the model's reliability, durability, and off-road performance with the 2021 Land Cruiser 300. 

Whereas the previous generation are powered by V8 mills, the Land Cruiser 300 is now powered by a choice of a 3.5-liter gasoline or a 3.3-liter diesel, which are both V6.

The gas-powered V6 creates 410hp and 650Nm of pulling power, while the diesel makes 304hp and 700Nm. Both engines use twin turbochargers, and are mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission

Based on the new GA-F platform, the Land Cruiser 300 is some 200 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, thanks to improvements in the frame and body, lowered center of gravity, weight distribution, and improved suspension structure. 


The chassis was tested by technicians and drivers from the brand's Dakar Rally team, Toyota said. 

To further improve the Land Cruiser's traditional off-road performance, the following developments and new technologies have been adopted. 

The basic suspension performance, particularly the wheel articulation, has been improved. Articulation is the degree indicating the ability of a tire to stay on the ground. 

The new Multi-Terrain Monitor, instantly displays obstacles as viewed from the driver's viewpoint, and Multi Terrain Select automatically judges the road surface and selects the best driving mode accordingly. 


Toyota said that light positions and bumper shape have been designed to not incur damage during off-road driving.

Despite all these changes, the vehicle's length, width, and wheelbase, as well as both the departure and approach angles, have been kept the same as the previous model. 

On the road, improved road-holding performance is provided by the adoption of the E-KDSS Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS)

Inside, the Land Cruiser 300 looks set to retain its luxurious interior. 



Toyota's hack pack included a photo of the Land Cruiser 300 GR version. Aside from wearing a "GR" badge on the grille, it features blacked-out wheels, grille, and other panels for a sportier look. Its spec should equally sporty. 


Photos from Toyota 

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