5 new vehicle inspection centers to be opened


The local vehicle inspection center operators group has announced that they will soon open five inspection facilities until April this year.

According to the Vehicle Inspection Center Operators Association of the Philippines (VICOAP), the five are comprised of three new inspection centers recently opened, while the remaining two will be ready to open soon.

The Department of Transportation-Land Transportation Office (DOTr-LTO) Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Authorization Committee (AC) recently granted the respective Authorization Certificates to the following:

  • MVIC Bacolod by Cimatech, located in Bredco Port, Bacolod City;
  • CHECK Motor Vehicle Inspection Center in Lubao, Pampanga;
  • Tagbilaran Vehicle Inspection Center in Tagbilaran City, Bohol;
  • Blue Circle Motor Vehicle Inspection Center in Iligan City; and
  • Clara, in Meycauyan, Bulacan.

VICOAP President Iñigo Larrazabal welcomed the newest members of their group.

"We welcome the issuance of the certificates to five of our members. The more PMVIC facilities, especially in the regions, the more convenient, comfortable, and accessible for vehicle owners to make sure that their vehicles are in top condition prior to registration," Larrazabal said.


"When we are assured that vehicles are roadworthy and are complying with emission standards, we can rest easy that we will all be able to get to and from our destinations safely. This will decrease the likelihood of a road crash due to mechanical failure," Larrazabal added.

The Provisional Authorization to Operate a PMVIC was granted pursuant to Memorandum Circular (MC) 2019-009.

Earlier, the DOTr issued Memorandum Circular MC-SC-2021-01, stating that vehicle owners may opt to have their vehicles inspected by either an authorized PMVIC or undergo an emission test from a private company and a roadworthiness test at the LTO.


Larrazabal noted that PMVIC ensures accuracy, reliability, and validity of roadworthiness evaluation for the same fee as that of the emission test provider.

"We, the PMVIC owners, are committed to keeping our Filipinos safe on the road. As advocates of road safety, we believe that roadworthiness is the key to saving more Filipino lives along our country's streets. We are helping the government and our clients during this pandemic by lowering our fees while still checking the 73-item points, a global best practice," he noted.

VICOAP's new members

Further, he assured that clients will have truthful results as the inspection is subject to use automated equipment.

"Gone are the days when the inspection is subjective because PMVICs use automated equipment that actually measure the worthiness of vehicles. The PMVICs are here to get rid of the old practice of non-appearance and 'under-the-table' transactions.  These practices are not possible in our system. And, should there be complaints on the systems and processes, clients can come to VICOAP for assistance," Larrazabal added.

Photos from Inigo Larrazabal, VICOAP Facebook Page

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