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6 Important Safety Tips for Female Drivers

Each and every motorist needs to practice vigilance on the road, but female drivers have to be doubly cautious to avoid becoming victim of crimes while driving, including robbery, carnapping, kidnapping, sexual harassment/assault, etc. While it’s important not to be overly fearful or paranoid, it’s always best to keep an eye out for trouble and be prepared to react appropriately when facing it. Here are six ways to stay safe when you’re driving alone.

1. Plan your trip

Before you even sit on the driver’s seat, make sure you know the route to take on your way to your destination to avoid having to stop at the most unfortunate spots. As much as you can, avoid streets with little to no lights, especially if you’re not familiar with the place. It’s a good habit to let someone know where you’re going to ensure your own safety when you need to send for help.

2. Stay alert at all times

Be observant of your surroundings. When parking, always park at a secure area that’s frequented by people. If that’s not possible, at least park at a location that’s well-lit and/or has CCTV. Don’t linger around your car when it’s parked, as this makes you vulnerable to offenders.

3. Don’t stop for just anyone

When you’re alone on the road, you simply can’t just trust anyone. If a hitchhiker, pedestrian, or another vehicle tries to pull you over and you feel unsafe, don’t stop. If you see someone else calling for help, call the proper authorities, report the incident, and have them handle the situation.

4. Keep your car well-maintained

You don’t want your car failing you in the most ill-timed moments, so stick to your vehicle maintenance schedule to keep your car in tiptop shape. It’s also important to know how to do a few DIY maintenance, such as replacing a flat tire, cleaning air filters, topping up vehicle fluids, and whatnot. Speaking of fluids, make sure you have enough fuel to get to your destination so you don’t have to make unnecessary stops where predators could possibly be lurking.

5. Keep valuables out of sight

Many criminals do their dastardly deeds because the opportunity presents itself–don’t give them that chance. Keep your handbag, phone, purse, and other expensive belongings away from prying eyes as these increase your risk of being targeted.

6. Harness the power of technology

Install a personal safety app on your mobile phone such as Google’s Trusted Contacts or React Mobile in case you need emergency assistance. Keep your phone well-charged while traveling, so it doesn’t fail you when you need to get help should anything happen to you.

When it comes to women’s personal safety on the road, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Safety precautions might mean exerting extra effort, but it is definitely worth it.

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