AAP: PMVIS should be optional during pandemic


The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) said that the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection System (PMVIS) should be optional while the country is still under lockdown.

In a statement, AAP president Augusto Lagman expressed belief that “an effective PMVIS can help reduce the number of road crashes caused by the defects or mechanical problems of vehicles.”

“With the equipment of government facilities becoming inadequate and obsolete, AAP understands the LTO’s move to tap partners in the private sector and establish Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) to assess and certify the roadworthiness of vehicles,” he said.


However, the group said that it is unfortunate “that PMVIC inspection was made an absolute prerequisite to LTO registration at high prices in the midst of a pandemic-instigated lockdown economy where millions of people including car owners have lost their jobs and/or means of income.”

“Furthermore, the lack of transparency regarding the system whereby private companies were screened and chosen to set up a PMVIC, gave rise to speculation about cronyism and corruption. To make matters worse, complaints circulated on social media about mechanics bungling the use of PMVIC equipment and consequently giving even brand-new luxury automobiles a failing grade,” AAP shared.

Lagman claimed that the PMVIS should be resumed when the economy recovers, “provided that the PMVICs will be operated efficiently and will price their services reasonably.”

“This should be preceded by an effective communication plan that drives home the importance of having one’s car professionally checked before renewing its LTO registration.  The result would be safer mobility for all road users,” he added.


Based on the MC-SC-2021-02 signed by PMVIC Steering Committee Artemio Tuazon, the LTO “shall establish the GAOR (Geographical Area of Responsibility) for every authorized PMVIC for purposes of determining compliance with the emission and inspection requirements for the renewal of registration of Light Vehicles and Motorcycles.”

It also said that the inspection shall be conducted by the authorized PMVIC in areas where the LTO district office (DO) or extension offices (EO) are within its GAOR.

“The DOs and EOs may only accept MVIRs from the Authorized PMVICs within their GAOR for processing of renewal of registration for Light Vehicles and Motorcycles. DOs and EOs within the GAOR of an Authorized PMVIC shall continue to accept emission test results from Authorized PETCs only for Heavy Vehicles for renewal of registration purposes,” the circular added.

Below is a copy of the abovementioned circular:

DOTr Circular on PMVIS

DOTr Circular on PMVIS

DOTr Circular on PMVIS

Earlier this year, Malacañang announced that the motor vehicle inspection system is no longer mandatory. Shortly after, PMVIC owners headed by Vehicle Inspection Center Operators Association of the Philippines (VICOAP) President Iñigo Larrazabal lowered the testing fees to P600 for light vehicles; P500 for motorcycles; and P300 for public utility jeepneys.

Photos from Iñigo Larrazabal,  Department of Transportation

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