Angkas Gets 5K Additional Registered Riders

Motorcycle taxi mobile app Angkas will be receiving an additional 5,000 registered riders under the Pilot Study of the Motorcycle Taxi Service Program.

During a meeting with Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade, Move It had agreed to give Angkas its slots for 5,000 registered riders, as Angkas has more readily available riders in its roster.

The DOTr claimed Joyride also agreed with such arrangement.

The total rider cap for the 3 TNCs was increased from the initial total of 39,000 (10,000 per TNC for Metro Manila operations; 3,000 per TNC for Metro Cebu operations) to a total cap of 63,000 riders (15,000 per TNC for Metro Manila operations; 3,000 per TNC for Metro Cebu operations; and 3,000 per TNC for Cagayan De Oro operations).

With that, the final tally of riders to operate in Metro Manila per TNC are as follows:

Angkas: 23,164
Joyride: 15,000
Move It: 6,836

The three participating TNCs have until midnight of February 12 to complete their respective rider rosters and comply with the new rider cap.

As of midnight of February 12, the three TNCs submitted their list of registered riders as follows:

• Angkas - 20,000
• Joyride - 15,000
• Move It - 6,836

Note that pursuant to the set deadline of registration, the TWG officially closed the registration of riders last 12 February 2020 and opened the submission for additional and readily available riders from the 3 participating TNCs.

Given the number of registered riders from the three TNCs based on their submitted lists, there are still 3,164 rider slots that can still be filled for Metro Manila operations as of February 13.

Under the extended pilot implementation of the motorcycle taxi program, the new rider cap total for Metro Manila operations for the 3 TNCs was set at 45,000. And, at the moment, only Angkas has operations in Metro Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

On February 14, Angkas and Joyride were able to submit their respective additional lists of riders – Angkas submitted their final list dated 14 February 2020 at 5:42PM while Joyride submitted its final list dated February 14 at 6:09PM.

With the submission of the lists of additional riders from the TNCs, the MC Taxi TWG then implemented a "first come, first served" basis of accreditation.

The MC Taxi TWG therefore states that the additional list of riders submitted by Angkas will be included in the extended Pilot Implemention.


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