Audi bares plans to develop universal digital customer experience


Audi gears up for the future by developing a car operating system for the entire Volkswagen Group and create conditions for what could be the future of autonomous driving.

The German automobile company is planning to digitalize some of the most important facets of its operations including marketing, sales, and after-sales. The first of which is by creating a personalized website that simplifies the customer experience from their interest in a particular Audi model to the actual driving of the vehicle.

By linking both the digital and the physical world, Audi believes that it can offer better services to customers. An example is the new flagship store in Munich’s Trudering district which offers Audi customers photorealistic depictions of the brand’s lineup. This way they can interact with vehicles, even if they’re not physically displayed in the showroom.

In addition, the automaker looks to make the myAudi app the gateway to the brand’s digitally connected world. Here, owners can access some of Audi’s latest digital offerings.

Audi also recognizes that vehicles are slowly becoming a personal “experience device” which it believes will be a place where living and working spaces are merged. That said, the plan is to offer infotainment heads that can assist drivers and connect them with other road users in a network of digital infrastructure.


Starting in 2022, Audi will revolutionize in-car entertainment with features like holoride and many others. In the future, Audi says that owners can enjoy “smooth and high-resolution multichannel audio and video streaming, video conferencing, and immersive gaming via a VR headset.”

The Car2X and C-V2X technologies play a vital role in this scheme. These developments will allow Audi’s offerings to send messages to each other relating to things like traffic lights or intelligent road signs. Since 2017, several Audi models have already been able to alert each other to accidents, service vehicles, traffic jams, slippery road surfaces, and limited visibility.


According to the carmaker, the Audi A7 L and A6 L models (in China) will be fitted with a 5G communications module which should make city driving safer and more convenient.

Audi has also partnered with CARIAD to develop a scalable software platform for future programs. Audi said that the software company, which combines the digital competencies of every brand in the Volkswagen Group, will be an essential success factor for designing the mobility of the future.

Through this digital ecosystem, Audi looks to reshape the future of mobility and secure the brand’s place as a leader in the industry.

Photos from Audi

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