Bentley PH to bring in Flying Spur Hybrid and Bentayga Hybrid next year

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

Bentley Philippines has announced that it will be injecting two hybrid models in its lineup by next year.


  • What are the two hybrid models that Bentley Philippines will include by 2022?

    These are the new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid and Bentayga Hybrid.
  • What powers the two models?

    The new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid has a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine while the Bentayga Hybrid, a 3.0-liter, twin-scroll turbocharged V6 petrol engine — both fitted with an electric motor.
  • In a statement, the local arm for the British car brand said that the new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid and Bentayga Hybrid will be joining its roster by 2022.

    The new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine with an advanced electric motor. Said to be the most efficient Bentley ever, this model can cover up to 700 kilometers when fully-fueled.

    Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

    On the other hand, the Bentayga Hybrid is fitted with a 3.0-liter, twin-scroll turbocharged V6 petrol engine that is also equipped with an electric motor, making it the only electrified sport utility vehicle around the world. This model can travel about the same distance as the Flying Spur Hybrid and can also be driven for around 40 kilometers in purely electric mode.

    “Both these Bentley models prove that hybridization does not compromise luxury and performance,” Bentley Philippines shared.

    Further, Bentley said that by 2025, it will launch its first electric vehicle, and the company’s entire model range will be exclusively made up of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles by the following year. “By 2030, every new Bentley will embrace extraordinary journeys through pure electric power,” it noted.

    Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

    PH journo captures Embrace Extraordinary

    Relatedly, the British luxury carmaker has tapped talents in the region to capture the parallelism between the design elements incorporated in the vehicles and the world around for the second edition of “Embrace Extraordinary.”

    For Embrace Extraordinary, photographers and content creators were motivated to draw inspiration from Bentley’s expressive design language.

    “From exquisite cut-crystal headlamps to double-diamond grille and hand-stitched quilted cabin features, Bentley cars have always been lavished by immaculate design details. These provide a rich tapestry of forms and texture from which images of natural marvels and architectural masterpieces can be assimilated,” the company said.

    Ardie Lopez Embrace Extraordinary photo

    Among the chosen artists is Filipino journalist and multimedia producer Ardie Lopez.

    “Amid the seeming randomness of the landscapes, Lopez found an order and a pattern as designed by nature through light, currents and life itself — organic forms which shape Bentley details in the first place,” Bentley Philippines shared.

    Lopez covered the details of the Bentley Bentayga and Continental GT Convertible then correlated it to the perspectives of Taal Volcano as viewed from Talisay, Batangas, as well as Mount Pinatubo from the Sacobia River in Pampanga.

    Ardie Lopez Embrace Extraordinary photosArdie Lopez Embrace Extraordinary photo of the Mt. Pinatubo

    “If you’ll notice, both my landscape subjects are volcanoes. This is deliberate. I want to portray their beauty and majesty amid their environment. But I also want to imply the explosive power that lies beneath their surface. I think this is a quality that is similar to Bentley cars,” Lopez said.

    According to the local distributor of the premium automotive marque, the imagery that Lopez captured “reflects not just the shapes of Bentley cars’ details, but also the luxury brand’s steadfast embrace of sustainable practices.”

    Ardie Lopez Embrace Extraordinary photo

    The company is targeting to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 and even climate positive from then on.

    To reach this goal, Bentley is developing new technologies, materials, fuels and skills through sustainable means — crafting cars from end to end without harming the environment.

    Ardie Lopez Embrace Extraordinary photo of the Taal Volcano

    Its manufacturing facility in Crewe, England, has been certified carbon neutral since 2019. It has been employing the use of solar energy, hydrotreated vegetable oil as fuel, recycling water, and reducing paper consumption, among other ways, to reduce carbon footprint.

    The luxury brand has also been using renewable materials for its cars, some of which are now hybrid-powered.

    Photos from Bentley, PGA Cars

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