BMW 3 Series Model Range Expands to Include Four Plug-In Hybrid Models

BMW 3 Series Model Range Expands to Include Four Plug-In Hybrid Models

It seems there's no stopping BMW from expanding its goal to dominate the world with its electrified vehicles.  Its  "electrification initiative" is now in full swing, and the luxury company is now adding plug-in hybrid drives in the premium mid-range segment.

So yes, there will now be four "electrified BMW 3 Series" in the line up. Aside from the successful launch of BMW's 330e sedan, there will also be BMW 330e Touring that will be available from summer 2020. Their dynamic design will showcase a longer roof line, with five seats as the traditionally-powered model variants. The luggage compartment volume, when the rear backseat is split 40:20, has a storage space that can hold up to 1,420 liters.

To complete the entire four lineup of vehicles, both models will be fitted with the BMW xDrive (intelligent all-wheel drive system), together with a rear-wheel drive. 

All the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid models will also come with the latest generation BMW eDrive technology. It increases both efficiency and electrically-powered range without sacrificing a fun, driving experience. The electric motor's spontaneous power delivery is noticeable during start-up and acceleration allowing for a more dynamic and spirited drive. Meanwhile, its lithium-ion high-voltage batteries has a high energy content, and features the very latest battery cell technology. Using this allows the new BMW 3 Series to run entirely on electricity--making it free of local emissions.

In this way, the BMW Group keeps up with its pursuit to build electrically-powered vehicles in 2020. Already selling half a million vehicles with electric or plug-in hybrid drive systems globally, BMW Group's goal is to create more than one million vehicles with electrified drive systems by the end of 2021. By 2030, they want to increase this share by half. Over the long term, the company's goal is to expand its range to have a lineup of 25 electrified models by 2023.

Compared to other traditional drive forms, the BMW plug-in hybrid already offers users wide-ranging benefits:

  • Savings: when charged at home or at work, it costs less than driving a car on petrol or diesel
  • Consistently correct temperature when you get in: it has a standard auxiliary heating and air conditioning to provide the correct temperature inside, all the time
  • Helpful braking: the battery is charged when the brakes are applied. Unlike normal vehicles that only generate heat and slowly damages the brakes
  • The best of both worlds: its plug-in hybrid cars give electrically powered driving pleasure in town and classic BMW driving pleasure over far distances
  • Multiple Access: they provide various access to many environmental zones together with parking privileges and savings on toll fees, since plug-in hybrids are able to run emissions-free
  • Enhanced quality of life: users can contribute to reducing emissions and traffic noise in cities by activating the electric driving mode

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