BMW's Edge Ecosystem bags Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award


The BMW Group’s innovative software, Edge Ecosystem, has recently been awarded the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021 in the Envision category.


  • What is the Edge Ecosystem?

    The Edge Ecosystem is the BMW Group's cloud-based software suite.
  • What award did the Edge Ecosystem win?

    The Edge Ecosystem won the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021 in the Envision category.
  • According to the automotive conglomerate, one of the key advantages of the cloud-based software suite is that it allows the company’s production-related apps to be distributed, configured, and administered worldwide.


    The Edge Ecosystem is now being used in various applications such as those utilized in production. The BMW Group shared that the Edge Ecosystem helps prevent faulty configurations from causing production shutdowns, thus helping them save on maintenance costs.

    In terms of artificial intelligence (AI) model distribution, the BMW Group said that the Edge Ecosystem helps in connecting cameras and edge devices of specialized deep learning models used for inline quality assurance. It also allows image data, which undergoes application-specific processing locally, to be managed and offers the necessary flexibility for the agile exchange of AI models.

    The software system is also now being used in press shops to ensure that the proper amount of lubrication for the production of vehicle components, in which sheet metal are applied before being formed. The amount of lubrication required depends on a range of factors, such as storage time, and the Edge Ecosystem helps determine the factors and apply the necessary amount of lubricant.

    The Edge Ecosystem can also be used to update existing systems so that they too can work with modern applications in the cloud.

    On that note, the Edge Ecosystem becomes a key driver in the digitalization of the entire BMW Group production system.

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