Bring the Honda Supra GTR150 to these underrated destinations in Luzon

Honda Supra GTR150

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) shared some underrated go-to places in Luzon where riders can bring the Supra GTR150 for maximum enjoyment before the summer season officially closes.


  • What powers the Honda Supra GTR150?

    The motorcycle is equipped with a six-speed double overhead cam four-valve liquid-cooled engine.
  • What is the Honda Supra GTR150's retail price?

    Honda's underbone has a suggested retail price of P102,900.
  • In a statement, HPI said that while its Honda sports riding underbone has been designed for daily use, it has become a “hit with riders who are looking into satisfying their inner wanderlust.” 

    “With its tried-and-tested fuel efficiency, lightweight handling, speed, and safety features, enthusiasts can’t help but notice both its winning looks and performance,” the company said.

    Below are some of the destinations where one can bring the Honda Supra GTR150.

    Mount Samat in Pilar, Bataan (Distance from Manila: 135km)

    Those who are craving for a long ride, taste trip-worthy food, and local culture and national history immersion may want to go to Mount Samat in Bataan.

    From the National Capital Region, riders will pass by Bulacan and Pampanga before reaching Bataan, which is known for their sumptuous delicacies.

    From the Roman Highway in Bataan, riders are only a few minutes away from the iconic, 555-meter memorial cross. After seeing the rolling hills where Filipino and American soldiers made their last stand during World War II, riders can make a side trip to Dunsulan Falls, the many beaches at Bagac town, or several restaurants in Subic Bay.

    HPI noted that riders using the Honda Supra GTR150 will get to experience “reliable and efficient performance” that makes it “a smooth travel companion in traversing highways and navigating traffic going to Bataan.”

    “It features a six-speed double overhead cam four-valve liquid-cooled engine for maximum performance, great handling, and better fuel efficiency of 42 kilometers per liter, ensuring a rewarding yet budget-friendly trip.”

    Honda Supra GTR150

    Daranak and Batlag Falls in Tanay, Rizal (Distance from Manila: 57km)

    To reach the picturesque views that both the Daranak and Batlag Falls offer, riders will have to get through the winding Marilaque (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon) mountain road.

    “But conquering sharp turns and going off-road en route to Daranak and Batlag Falls is not something for every motorcycle. Luckily, these pose no challenge for the Supra GTR150,” HPI said.

    The Honda Supra GTR150 boasts wide tubeless tires and bigger front and rear disc brakes (220mm diameter) that provide traction and stopping power for safety. It also comes with a built-in bank angle sensor that automatically turns off the engine when your bank angle exceeds 51 degrees on either side.

    Further, the motorcycle comes with 31mm-front telescopic suspensions to ensure control and comfort.

    Paete, Laguna (Distance from Manila: 111km)

    Those who would like to see Filipino artistry may want to put Paete in their list of destinations to go to.

    Known as the carving capital of the Philippines, Paete derived its name from the word “paet,” the Tagalog term for a chisel. The town shows the country’s proud heritage that survived the modern times. Other stops in the area include the Paete Church and Kape Kesada before heading home.

    The Honda Supra GTR150 comes with an aerodynamic body design that reduces drag and is aesthetically-pleasing. It is complemented by an angled muffler and under cowl with aggressive decals all around.

    The Honda Supra GTR150 comes in two colors — Valiant Red and Black — and has a suggested retail price of P102,900.

    Photos from Honda Philippines, Inc.

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