Cabin check: A review of the Maxus T60’s interior


The Maxus T60  pickup truck is touted by Maxus as a “dynamic pickup truck that lets you take charge of your business needs and your loved ones’ comfort.”


  • How many variants does the Maxus T60 have?

    The Maxus T60 is offered in three variants.
  • What is the price range of the Maxus T60?

    The Maxus T60 is priced from P998,000 to P1,328,000.
  • Interested to find out if it lives up to its promise? Join us as we review the interior of the Maxus T60.


    1. Leather seats

    In terms of comfort, leather seats top the ranks as they often use the best-prepared hides to cover the cushioning. They not only look good but also feel good, especially when you’re wearing light clothing as they are not as abrasive as other seating materials. When driving in good weather, sitting in a leather seat will make you feel more like on your living room couch rather than sitting in the front passenger seat.

    And while the range-topping variant of the Maxus T60’s leather seats are not the best on the market, they still offer a better sitting experience than most.

    2. Spacious interior

    Pickup trucks aren’t exactly known for having spacious interiors with a big chunk of the space taken up by the bed at the back. Nevertheless, the Maxus T60 still manages to offer enough legroom and headroom allowing the driver and the passengers to move comfortably inside the pickup truck.

    This also means getting in and out of the truck will not be a problem as its occupants can easily maneuver their way out of the vehicle.

    3. A/C vents and a 12-volt socket

    The Maxus T60 could well be called the passenger’s pickup truck thanks to the decent suite of amenities for the rear passengers.

    You have A/C vents to keep the kids cool during the trip and a 12-volt socket for their handheld gadgets to keep them entertained.

    On top of the A/C vents and the power source, the Maxus T60 also puts bottle holders and speakers at the rear.

    4. Apple device-friendly infotainment.

    Depending on the variant, the Maxus T60 can be had with either a seven-inch or a 10-inch infotainment system. Luckily for Apple iPhone users, the infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay which makes things a tad easier.

    Those who use Android devices need not worry as the infotainment system comes with Bluetooth and MirrorLink.

    The Maxus T60 is offered in three variants: the Maxus T60 4X2 Pro M/T, Maxus T60 4x2 Pro A/T, and the Maxus T60 4x4 Elite A/T. They are priced at P998,000, P1,078,000, and P1,328,000, respectively.

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