Caltex relaunches 'Liter Lottery' to give motorists free top-up

Caltex station

Caltex — marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) — has relaunched its Liter Lottery promo wherein motorists can get a free full tank.


  • What is Caltex's Liter Lottery promo?

    The promo is the oil firm's program that allows vehicle owners to win a free full tank of fuel.
  • How would motorists win free fuel in the promo?

    The company said that motorists will be given a free full tank should the last digit of the liter meter matches the last digit of the vehicle’s plate number.
  • To run at select Caltex stations on April 8-9 and April 16-17, the promotion is giving motorists a free fuel top-up if the last digit of the liter meter matches the last digits of the vehicle’s plate number.

    CPI said that the Liter Lottery promo is open to all Class 1 vehicles availing a full tank of its pump products such as Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron and Diesel with Techron D.

    Motorists can try their luck on the following Caltex sites addresses and dates:

    Participating Caltex stations

    Further, CPI shared that aside from the promo, motorists who will refuel their vehicles at Caltex stations at the North Luzon Expressway and South Luzon Expressway can avail free emergency medical assistance and Caltex lubricants through on-site activities.


    “With travel restrictions loosening, more Filipinos will be out on the road with their families and friends as they take advantage of the long weekend. Caltex wants to offer them a worry-free journey with Caltex fuels that keeps important engine parts clean with continued use,” CPI Country Chairman Billy Liu was quoted as saying.

    “A clean engine will perform at its best, giving more power, greater fuel economy, lower emissions, a smoother ride, and consistent performance,” he added.

    Photos from Chevron Philippines Inc.

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