Car owner stereotypes: which one are you?

Car owner stereotypes: which one are you?
The car owner stereotype has always been a subject that evokes a great amount of observation- and humor. The car you own says a lot about you. Car manufacturers, after all, make certain car models based on the needs and personalities of their target markets. Although we do not promote stereotyping people, the temptation is always there. And because cars have been embedded into Filipino culture (e.g. the SUVs of congressmen), we cannot help but create a car owner stereotypes article just for kicks. We went through several car forums to unearth the best known “personalities” behind the cars running around the country. Below are the results we found from forum users and feedback from different online car channels. This is only meant to entertain and not to discredit the people who own these cars.

Mitsubishi Pajero

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Driver: An old man, probably in his fifties, on his way to a nearby golf course. That, or its one of the alleged “Pajero Bishops” going for an off-road adventure. Road Behavior: Highly imposing and tends to order every car in its surroundings to give it some space.

Mitsubishi Lancer (Box Type)

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Driver: Someone in his late 50s who has witnessed the EDSA revolution. Still lives in the glory days, and prefers boxier cars for their nostalgia. Rarely drives this car, unless on a holiday. Road Behavior: Sluggishly drives his car for modern standards. If you hear a noisy engine sound with a few clunks, this car is approaching.

Honda City Type-R

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Driver: College upperclassman from a middle class family who thinks his ride is a race car.  It could also be a man in his fourties, who can not forget the 90s when the streets of Metro Manila were once the plaything for racers. Notice the additional body kits installed. Road Behavior: Always has the pedal to the metal and thinks that the road is his racetrack. Plays rap music loudly.

Chery QQ

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Driver: A young female office worker working in Makati. In most cases single, loves shopping and prefers cute things. The QQ is also the first car she has owned and will replace it before turning 30. Notice: the Hello Kitty accessories. Road Behavior: A very gentle driver. Someone who will be running half of the road’s speed limit allowing larger cars to simply overtake her car.

Hummer H1

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Driver: a 30-ish male celebrity or businessman who wants his car to look as toned as he is. His schedule may not allow the Hummer for an off-road adventure, but he is willing to drive it in EDSA. Road Behavior: Drives very cautiously, despite having a sturdy car. Considers himself a dying breed, stays in one lane and peppers his cars with extra lighting equipment.

Toyota Vios

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Driver: A fledgling salesperson who wants to save on gas without compromising much of his car’s looks. That, or a mid-level manager who is driving a company issued car. Road Behavior: Drives his car like a bump car and with pride, especially when there is a motorcycle around. Always on the run, like those in a cinematic car chase. Takes every opportunity to speed up a few inches even in traffic.

Ford Expedition

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Driver: Hired by the VIP (usually politicians) at the back. He is quick and careful to avoid bumps so they can get to their next appointment, which is not in congress. Always wondering why his passenger needs that extra interior space. Road Behavior: Usually ploughs through traffic with the authority of the number “8” plate. Traffic enforcers give them extra courtesy even at the expense of disrupting the traffic flow. Do you have any unique observations you can share relating to this article? Write your comments below and share your story.

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