Cheapest motorcycles in the Philippines under PhP 40,000 (Updated September 2018)

Once the two-wheel bug hits you, a lifelong love for motorcycles is the only possible outcome. Though many would rather opt for a Harley-Davidson, Ducati, or even a Kawasaki, the sad fact is that many motorcycle lovers don’t have much of a disposable income to speak of, and so the reason for buying a motorcycle often relies more on utility rather than aesthetics and features.

The good news is that the motorcycle industry as a whole is churning out plenty of smaller, less expensive bikes these days, and great deals abound on many of the newest models. And with that, CARMUDI presents to you the most affordable motorcycles in the country today. They may be cheap, but they still pack plenty of value.


  1. Skygo Archer 100 PHP 32,500Skygo Archer Motorcycle
    The Skygo Archer is widely known to be one of the cheapest motorcycles for a few years now, and that consistency is laudable. A standard motorcycle with a prominent fender design, its 100 cc engine provides a decent 6.2 hp of power and 6.2 Nm of torque, translating to a top speed of 75 kph.

  2. Racal Bronco R150 PHP 36,000
    Racal Bronco Motorcycle
    Every bit as brutish as its namesake, the Racal Bronco delivers some serious off-road capabilities while generating a solid 15.4 hp/15 Nm performance. This bike is certainly designed to bruise, making it a popular choice for those who expect to see a lot of muddy, rocky and uneven terrain in their travel routes.

  3. Skygo Prince 125 PHP 37,000
    Racal Prince Motorcycle
    A cheaper version of the Wizard125, the Prince sports much of the same features as its more popular sibling, save for the use of more bare metal and less refined embellishments. That said, it’s pretty much the same bike, so that means you get all of the Wizard125 goodness for less money.

  4. Motorstar Star-X155 PHP 37,000
    Motorstar Star-X155
    The Star-X155 is one common-looking bike that uses rather common-looking alloys, but perhaps that’s what the appeal is all about, as it’s a popular model that’s widely used as a jabal-jabal or tricycle. The bike has an advertised 180 kg load capacity, but anyone who uses the Star-X155 for public transport will tell you that it’s capable of so much more.

  5. Motoposh Bida 110 PHP 38,000
    Motorposh Bida Motorcycle
    Motoposh has released cheap bikes of respectable quality for years, and this one is no exception. Although there’s not much information to go on with regards to Motoposh bikes, the latest iteration of the Bida 110 line is known to use an automatic transmission system, which makes it a pretty handy bike to have for many first-time bike owners.

  6. Racal TS 125 PHP 38,000
    Racal TS Motorcycle
    This retro-style road warrior has a max power of 15.4 hp and 15 Nm of torque. Cranked with an electric kick starter, the Racal TS 125 can reach a max speed of 90 kph. You aren’t going to win any beauty contests with this bike, but for cost savings and utility, it’s pretty hard to beat.

  7. Racal MD100 PHP 38,000
    Racal MD 100 Motorcycle A winner on all fronts, this scooter looks great and is well-built, not to mention that it’s also a nimble on-road performer. With decent performance numbers, including 15.4 hp of power and 15 Nm of torque, there’s no arguing that the MD100 offers great bang for the buck. Of course, it’s one of the more expensive bikes on this list of cheap bikes, but if you’re willing to shell out the extra dough, the MD100 is worth it.

  8. Skygo Wizard125 PHP 39,000
    Skygo Wizard Motorcycle
    The Skygo website calls this bike ‘legendary.’ Although that’s clearly an overstatement, the Wizard125 has built quite the reputation as a reliable business bike. This Chinese made motorcycle has an 11 hp max power and 8.5 Nm max torque. Although Skygo fails to list the bike’s load capacity, it’s proven to withstand rigorous use.

  9. Skygo Pony 100 PHP 39,000

    Dubbed as ‘the country’s first affordable midsize-mini motorcycle,’ the Skygo Pony 100’s power and torque are a tad dismal, at 7.8 hp and 7.5 Nm, respectively. But depending on your preference, the super-wide motard 12-inch tires, which helps enhance the bike’s operating safety and efficiency, can maybe make up for the Pony 100’s shortcomings.

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