Cleanfuel adds new station in Quezon City

Cleanfuel Commonwealth-Mindanao Avenue

Independent fuel company Cleanfuel has recently inaugurated its newest station in Quezon City in its bid to tap more customers in the southern segment of Fairview and Quirino Highway to the North.


  • How many Cleanfuel stations are there in Quezon City?

    Including the newly-opened station, the company has 16 stations in the city.
  • Where is the latest Cleanfuel facility located?

    It is situated at Commonwealth corner Mindanao Avenue.
  • Cleanfuel said that the newly-opened Cleanfuel station — located at Commonwealth corner Mindanao Avenue Station — complements the 15 existing stations situated around the City.

    Cleanfuel Commonwealth-Mindanao Avenue

    The Cleanfuel Commonwealth-Mindanao Avenue now offers its fuel products namely Clean 91, Premium 95, and high-grade diesel at the area, which is also a known busy area within Quezon City.

    The latest Cleanfuel station houses first-class amenities such as clean and spacious air-conditioned restrooms, air and water services for their new and existing customers.

    Cleanfuel clients can also earn points and get their rewards from their VIP Rewards cards on the newest pump station. Aside from that, Cleanfuel Commonwealth-Mindanao station accepts cashless payments.

    Cleanfuel Commonwealth-Mindanao Avenue

    Further, the latest Cleanfuel station offers a range of high-quality oils in partnership with global brand Motul. These products are:

    •  Multigrade Plus 15W40
    • 4100 Turbolight 10W40
    • Tech Prime 5W40

    Cleanfuel President and Chief  Executive Officer Bong Suntay said that the company will open up more stations soon to widen its customer base.

    Photos from Cleanfuel

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