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    Croxtec Pedestrian-Safety App is For Motorists As Well

    Djanco Information Technology Solutions, a local mobile applications developer founded by balikbayan Debbie Macariola-St. John, has launched Croxtec (pronounced CROSS-TEK), an early-warning pedestrian safety app that was developed "to help stem and stop the rising number of road fatalities from happening by providing an alert system to its users."

    According to the company, there are over 34 casualties every day in the Philippines due to road accidents, with Metro Manila alone averaging more than 200 incidents daily. Croxtec hopes to lessen those figures by making its users "become more mindful of the vehicles and pedestrians" in their immediate environment.

    With Croxtec, once a user signs in and identifies himself or herself as either a pedestrian or a motorist, the app then locates them and sends them alerts via vibration, tone, or voice on whether they are in the Safe Zone, Caution Zone or Unsafe Zone.

    For pedestrians, the Safe Zone is identified as within a radius of 25 meters or more, the Caution Zone as within 16 to 25 meters, and the Unsafe Zone as less than 16 meters

    For motorists, the Safe Zone is identified as within a radius of 75 meters or more, the Caution Zone as within 31 to 75 meters, and the Unsafe Zone as less than 31 meters.

    For the app to work though, it requires data connection whenever it is running.

    According to the developer, Croxtec is the only mobile application to-date that focuses on providing an early warning alert to both driver and pedestrian if there is an impending danger, and has been proven to work in a simulation held in Manila on two major thoroughfares.

    "With its pilot launch in the Philippines, which has some of the busiest streets, thoroughfares, and highways in Asia, Croxtec confidently drives  into a future where the country can join the ranks of smart countries on the global front, with safer roads for its pedestrians and motorists  who traverse them every day," the company said in a statement.

    Currently, Croxtec is only available for Android devices although the company said it has plans to develop an iOS version of it soon. Croxtec can be downloaded on



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