Curating the colors of the Geely Azkarra


The Geely Azkarra is an entry to the tightly packed compact SUV segment. The Azkarra makes for a promising canvas with striking dimensions that are sharp and aggressive. Thanks to its modern styling, its exterior makes a fitting frame to showcase the stunning colors the Azkarra comes in.


  • How many variants does the Geely Azkarra have?

    The Geely Azkarra is offered in two variants.
  • How many colors does the Azkarra have?

    The Azkarra comes in five colors: white, blue, silver, red, and black.
  • Azkarra

    Interested to find out what color best suits the Azkarra? Join us as we curate its posh paints.


    White makes the Azkarra look sharp and clean, allowing it to look good whatever the occasion. It’s also considered a classic color that would not easily go out of style. That said, getting your Azkarra in white would be a safe decision if you want a ride that would not easily go out of fashion.


    One of the coolest hues in the palette, blue is believed to exude an aura of calm and intelligence. In blue, the Geely Azkarra looks like a self-assured and sure-footed SUV.


    The color silver is believed to make vehicles look luxurious and elegant. The same can be said with the Azkarra as it looks opulent in this paint. Those who like to make a statement with what they drive could create their desired impression while driving behind the wheel of a silver SUV.


    Passionate and sometimes aggressive, red befits car buyers who are looking for a compact SUV that can accompany them through life’s adventures.


    Car buyers going for the anti-hero vibe would be satisfied with the Azkarra’s pitch-black hide. But with good looks come great responsibility as dents and scratches are easier to spot in black paint.

    The Geely Azkarra is currently offered in two variants: Premium and Luxury. They are priced at P1,438,000 and P1,598,000, respectively.

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    Geely Azkarra
    ₱1.438 - ₱1.598 Million Emi Starts : ₱24,669

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