Cabin check: Inspecting the interior of the Geely Coolray


The Geely Coolray is arguably one of the best-looking subcompact crossovers in the market today. Thanks to its modern design and contemporary styling, the Geely Coolray has attracted customers looking for a reasonably priced five-seater crossover SUV.


  • How many variants does the Geely Coolray have?

    The Geely Coolray is sold in three variants, plus a special Sport Limited Edition temporarily expanding the lineup.
  • What design did Geely use for the interior?

    According to Geely, designers used an “Enveloping Cockpit” design, inspired by the aesthetics of a high-tech jet plane.
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    Granted that the Coolray’s exterior was designed and engineered to attract similarly cool car buyers, many wonder if its cabin does live up to its fancy facade. If you count yourself among those wanting to know what’s it like to ride inside the Geely Coolray, you’re in luck. Today, we check out just how cool the Geely Coolray’s interior is.

    1. Modern interior design

    The interior of the Geely Coolray reflects the modern aesthetic design of its exterior. This can be seen in the crossover’s dashboard, center and overhead console, infotainment system, and A/C vents that are similarly sharp and snappy.

    In addition, the door handles are incorporated on the brushed aluminum trims on the door panels. These brushed aluminum accents are also found all around the cabin.

    Geely says that the interior design of the Coolray was inspired by the aesthetic of a high-tech jet plane. Thanks to Geely’s “Enveloping Cockpit” approach, the Coolray offers an interior design you won’t typically see on other subcompact crossover SUVs within the same price point.

    2. Sport-type leather

    On the Geely Coolray’s Sport variant, the seats are finished in Sport-type perforated leather with an embroidered “S” logo just below the headrests and a unique textured pattern on the seat’s shoulder section.

    The Geely Coolray also comes with an abundance of soft-touch leather which can be found on the dashboard, the armrests, and on the steering wheel.

    3. LED lights

    Inside the Geely Coolray are LED lights to give passengers enough illumination even when riding the Coolray at night. The variants that are equipped with a sunroof get LED lights on the side of the second-row seats. The sunshade visors on the Sport Variant also have LED lighting on both the driver and the front passenger’s side.

    4. Water-based paint

    To ensure that the passengers are free from harmful chemicals — or at least the smell of it — Geely opted to use water-based paint and non-volatile adhesives in the Coolray’s interior.

    5. A 10.25-inch infotainment screen

    Across the board, the Geely Coolray is fitted with a large 10.25-inch infotainment screen that doubles as a rearview monitor and a 360-degree-view screen.

    Unfortunately, it does not come with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, but it is equipped with some of the more modern connectivity features like QD link.

    The Geely Coolray is available locally in three variants with a special Sport Limited Edition expanding the lineup and comes with black tone turbine wheels, ventilated seats, and an electric tailgate with angle memory.

    The Geely Coolray is priced at P978,000 to P1,198,000.

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    ₱978,000 - ₱1.198 Million Emi Starts : ₱16,778

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