Euro-spec Mazda2 gets 3.5 stars in Green NCAP test


The Skyactiv-G 1.51 powered Mazda 2 gets a 3.5-star Green NCAP rating for fuel efficiency and emissions.

“Results like these validate our strategy at Mazda to continue improving internal combustion and in doing so mitigate today the real-world environmental impact of our cars. It’s part of our multi-solution approach that includes different forms of power and, as always, painstaking efforts to reduce every possible gram of weight,” said Mazda Motor Europe Powertrain Manager Heiko Strietzel.

The Green NCAP test was carried out on the 2021 model year Skyactiv-G Mazda2. Mazda says that the 2022 model of the same vehicle is even more efficient.

Mazda2’s average consumption during the Green NCAP tests was only marginally higher than the official WLTP combined-cycle figure.

“The Mazda2 may be the smallest car we produce, but it has at its heart the same values of style, driver involvement, and quality that mark out all our vehicles. The Mazda2 is now more efficient than ever, while thanks to the generous equipment tally across all models, we have a distinctive and premium contender in what is still one of the most competitive segments in the UK car market,” commented Mazda UK Managing Director Jeremy Thomson.


The outcome of the Green NCAP testing puts the trialed vehicle in a very exclusive club of internal combustion-powered vehicles. According to the Japanese carmaker, the Mazda2 is one of only three internal combustion vehicles without a full hybrid system to be awarded 3.5 stars. Vehicles that managed to achieve this rating are mainly full battery-electric (BEV) and plug-in electric (PHEV) models.

“Congratulations to Mazda on the impressive performance, especially in terms of fuel efficiency. Besides its good mileage, the organization highlighted Mazda 2’s low pollutant emissions,” said Green NCAP’s Aleksandar Damyanov.

Photos from Mazda

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