Ferrari to install 3,800 solar panels in Maranello factory

ferrari solar panels

Ferrari has announced that it will invest in solar energy systems by installing a new photovoltaic system on the roofs of its Maranello factory buildings. The Italian luxury carmaker said that the said system will be made out of 3,800 solar panels which can deliver a maximum power of 1,535kWp.


  • Which company did Ferrari team up with to install its new solar photovoltaic system?

    Ferrari has tapped Enel X, an Italian green energy company, to install its new solar panels.
  • What other system did Enel X develop for Ferrari, on top of the solar panels to be installed on the Prancing Horse brand’s Maranello facility?

    Enel X also developed an off-grid energy production system for Ferrari. The charging station is designed specifically for charging Ferrari hybrid cars.
  • Once fully operational, the new solar installation will allow Ferrari to self-produce 1,626,802kWh per year. The system will allow savings of more than 18,500 tons of CO2e over 25 years or 740 tons per year.

    With the new photovoltaic system, Ferrari will enhance the energy efficiency of its Maranello factory by extending the surface area of its solar energy systems by around 200 percent. These supplied three terajoules of energy last year.

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    The new photovoltaic system will be built in Enel X.

    “Together with Enel X and our other partners, we are developing new solutions that will contribute significantly to reducing CO2e emissions. The challenge of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030 is a further stimulus for Ferrari to innovate in every area, taking a scientific, holistic approach to the sources of emissions: from the cars in use, to our supply chain, and our production activities,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

    On top of the solar panels designed for the Prancing Horse brands four different plant sections, the Rome-based energy company has also developed an off-grid energy production system for Ferrari. It is built specifically to charge Ferrari hybrid models used internally by the automotive company.

    This station produces energy exclusively through a 5.5kWp photovoltaic system, with double-sided panels and 20kWh battery storage. The performance is monitored by the Energy Management System, which communicates the data in real-time using an LCD screen built into the infrastructure.

    “We are extremely proud to have signed an agreement with Ferrari, an Italian company of excellence and one of the world's most prestigious brands, which has chosen Enel X's technological solutions to make its Maranello headquarters, a legendary place for all motor enthusiasts, more sustainable,” said Enel X Head Francesco Venturini.

    “We will deliver Ferrari a tailor-made system for the self-production of energy that will make a decisive contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, reducing the company's energy expenditure. This partnership consolidates our leadership position in the development and implementation of solutions to accelerate the energy transition and enable our partners to achieve their own challenging decarbonization targets,” Venturini added.

    Photos from Ferrari and Enel X

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