Five Basic Driving Tips for Young Millennials

If you’re working or studying in Metro Manila, we bet that you’ll rather have your own car than take the MRT to get to and from your workplace or school. We all know that it's hard to commute in the metro due to the lack of efficient public transportation. This is the reason why college students and young professionals intend to have their own car, a group of people that has a high number of new drivers. Ford conducted a survey and found out that 11 percent of young drivers have admitted watching video or TV shows on their devices while driving. The company also found that young drivers are more relaxed and take more risks when they're driving without their parents. Considering all these factors, Ford shared five driving tips for young millennials. 1.Always buckle up. Seat belts are one of the basic safety features equipped in every car. However, some individuals tend to take this safety feature for granted. Remember, seat belts can save your life in case you got into an accident. It reduces your chance of injury by 50 percent and lowers the chance of death by 45 percent. 2. Find time to know your car. Driving a car is more than just mastering how to brake, accelerate, and for some shift. You also have to be familiar with your car’s functions or buttons such as knowing where's the switch for the headlights, windshield wipers, door locks, among others. Moreover, you should know what your car is telling you through the lights you see on the dashboard and the audible sounds produced by the safety features. Find time to know and understand your car because this will be of big help when you’re driving on the road. 3. Eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel. Don’t use your phone or any other portable device when you’re driving because it is not safe to do so. Distracted driving could lead to an accident, which could have an awful ending. Providing real-time posts of your road trip or drive doesn’t make you cool. Remember to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. 4. Stay alert. You should always be in your top form when you're driving and be aware of your surroundings. Check your car's mirrors and use the indicator lights when you want to change lanes. Watch out for other road users such as cyclists and motorcycle riders--be a courteous driver. More importantly, don't drink and drive. 5. Watch the weather. Ford suggests that you practice driving in bad weather in a safe, secluded location to see how your traction, braking, and steering are impacted at various speeds. It is ideal to have an experienced driver during your practice run. The blue oval brand goes on by saying that practicing will help you remain "calm in the storm" during a road trip or when it's time to go to work or school.

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