GM to reach sustainability plans 5 years ahead of schedule


Nowadays, almost all carmakers have announced their plans of producing their vehicles with sustainability in mind. GM, one of the largest carmakers in the US, has announced that it's five years ahead of its sustainability goals.

According to the automotive brand, General Motors plans to source 100-percent renewable energy to power its US facilities by 2025. In doing so, GM will avoid one million metric tons of carbon emissions that would have been produced between 2025 and 2030.

“We know climate action is a priority, and every company must push itself to decarbonize further and faster. That’s what we are doing by aiming to achieve 100-percent renewable energy five years earlier in the US as we continue to advance on our commitment to lead an all-electric, carbon-neutral future,” said GM Chief Sustainability Officer Kristen Siemen.

GM has announced its science-based targets earlier this year with plans of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2040. The company has committed to invest US$35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles and plans to introduce more than 30 electric vehicle models globally by 2025.

The American automaker says that it will focus its renewable energy efforts on four pillars: Increasing Energy Efficiency, Sourcing Renewables, Addressing Intermittency, and Policy Advocacy.


In addition, GM has also announced that it will partner with PJM Interconnection (a regional transmission organization) and TimberRock (a technology-enabled energy company) to track the real-time carbon emissions at GM’s facilities related to electricity use.

“We're delighted that GM has raised the ambition of their 100-percent renewable electricity journey and brought forward their target to 2025. This is the sort of urgent action that is needed to halve global carbon emissions by 2030 and tackle the climate crisis. We need all businesses to commit to using 100 percent renewable electricity and drive the renewable power transition at the pace and scale required,” commented Climate Group’s RE100 Head Sam Kimmins.

GM will also participate in Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, an initiative that brings together public and private sector partners to help advance the commercialization of technology.

Photos from General Motors

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