Google Maps Will Soon Help You Beat the MMDA's Number Coding Scheme

Google's Philippine office yesterday held its first 'Google for Philippines' event where the information technology giant announced its key updates and product launches that are tailored specifically for the local market. One such tool that Google will be updating soon--before the end of the month we were told--will be its Google Maps app as it adds a few new features to it.

The first is the new 'Number Coding' feature. Created in collaboration with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the new feature will help drivers get to their destination while avoiding restricted roads on their coding day. Users simply input their assigned coding day in the app and Google Maps will then recommend route options that avoid the restricted roads. Atty. Yvez Gonzalez, the former Director and Officer-in-Charge of the MMDA's Traffic Discipline Office and who now works for Google Philippines as its Public Policy and Government Relations chief personally led the demonstration of the new feature.

Motorcycle LaneAnother new feature on Google Maps--specifically for iOS users--is the Motorbike mode. Already available for Android devices since 2018, the Motorbike mode gives motorcycle riders more accurate travel times and easy routes using landmarks.

Lastly, as part of Google’s support for the local tourism industry, Google worked with the Department of Tourism and the Municipality of Malay to update the Street View images of Boracay's world-famous beaches "to reflect their new and improved beauty." Currently, while some Street View images of Boracay were taken in 2016, photos of the iconic White Beach strip were only taken in January 2019.

Incidentally, the first two new features are already available on the Waze GPS navigation app which Google acquired in June 2013.

What Google Philippines didn't clarify though is if the 'Number Coding' feature will also reflect the number coding scheme in cities and municipalities that have its own rules and regulations on the said scheme that are independent of what's being enforced by the MMDA, like Makati and Pasig. We'll update you once we hear back from Google Philippines.

UPDATE: According to our source from within Google Philippines, the Number Coding feature on Google Maps will also include local government unit-specific regulations like Makati and Mandaluyong's 'No Window' hours. What's not yet included though is Pasig's odd-even scheme.

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