Grab Clarifies Viral Photo of GrabFood Rider Due to "Customer No-Show," Not Cancellation

A photo went viral over social media recently after a Grabfood rider seemed 'problematic' after a customer cancelled his or her order. The owner of the photo said that the money used to purchase the food items was intended for the diaper and milk supplement of the rider's kid.

Upon checking, there has been a petition posted in, seeking to remove the 'Cancel' option in the app.

CARMUDI PHILIPPINES sought for clarification from Grab Philippines, and here is what the company told us. According to Atty. Jenicka Hosaka, Grab Philippines' Public Affairs Manager, the app does not allow order cancellations.

"To restate, GrabFood does not allow order cancellations once orders are placed by the delivery-partner at the merchant. The instances highlighted on social media posts are mostly due to customer NO-SHOWS, which constitute to only 0.01 percent of our total transactions," she explained.

Also, Hosaka said that they have a reimbursement policy in place, which allows delivery-partners to be fully reimbursed for all unclaimed orders.

"This reimbursement policy is made known to all delivery-partners upon activation on the platform," she noted. "As Grab continues to provide everyday services to many Filipinos, it also strives to maintain a platform that works for both for its customers and also its delivery-partners. For every customer no-show, the livelihood of a delivery-partner is affected--causing them to lose valuable time and daily capital," Hosaka added.

In conclusion, Hosaka reminded everyone to "use its services responsibly--be mindful of orders placed and the effort that our delivery-partners put in to deliver your orders."

"Grab continues to tighten its policies to curb this abusive behavior, and customers who exhibit abuse of our no-show policies will soon face account penalties, including possible account suspension," Hosaka concluded.  

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