Haval Showcases Vision 2025 SUV at Auto Expo 2020

Haval is slowly but surely integrating their cars into the Indian market. As they showcase their range of vehicles at the Auto Expo 2020, one of the cars that is attracting a lot of the attention is the Vision 2025 concept.

The Vision 2025 concept is Haval’s take on the SUV of the future. Sporting a bright white body paint and a crazy looking grille, the Vision 2025 concept is surely a show stopper.

The front fascia of the vehicle features an ultra modern design, with sleek headlamps and an overall aesthetic that looks like a storm trooper’s car. The sides of the vehicle are accentuated by sweeping body lines and aggressive looking tires. The back end of the concept vehicle is just as futuristic as the front, with a couple of connected taillamps that frame the rear, along with a H A V A L badge.


The inside of the Vision 2025 concept features a wide assortment of cutting edge technology. Packed with features such as facial and biometric recognition, and an Augmented Reality Heads Up Display (AR-HUD) that displays important information over the windshield, right at your frame of view. The Vision 2025 Concept also comes with outer rear cameras in lieu of the mirrors. The cameras project the images from the outside to the dash mounted screens, much like the Audi e-tron.

The facial and biometric recognition software has a lot of unique features. One of them is that it is able to set multimedia and seating preferences all based on the information available on the car user’s cloud database.


Other features include a remote control bracelet that enables Vision 2025 owners to get packages and mail delivered directly to the car itself.


There is no news yet if the Vision 2025 Concept will be put into production, but we can hope that some of its futuristic technologies gets passed on to other vehicles. The Vision 2025 Concept is a great example of what's in store for cars in the next few years.


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