Here are some New Year’s resolutions that motorists can use for 2023


When we were young(er), our parents used to push us to write our New Year’s resolutions. My dad always asks us to write down these pledges to help us track what we can improve on despite what we have already achieved in the previous year.


  • What comprises an ideal set of emergency kit?

    The ideal set that should be handy when on the road are reflective warning lights, jumper cables, multi-utility tools, flashlight, a reflective vest or poncho, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, mobile phone charger or power bank, gas container, as well as an extra set of clothes.
  • Why is it good to have regular maintenance service?

    Regular check-ups are more affordable compared to full-blown repair. Safety is also guaranteed when a vehicle is in top condition.
  • Now that I am raising a family of my own, I am still continuing this annual tradition not just as “muscle memory” or to commemorate my late father, but to continue the pursuit of being a better version of myself.

    As a motorist, I (along with other vehicle owners) need to develop specific skills that will help me be an improved road user and vehicle owner.

    Here are some of the things that every vehicle user should be reminded of for 2023 and in the years to come:

    Follow maintenance schedules

    Let us not wait for the car or motorcycle to break down before seeing a mechanic. Find a trusted mechanic and schedule a regular maintenance service.

    To some, vehicle maintenance can be quite pricey, but these expenses fall on investment. Aside from the fact that regular check-ups are more affordable compared to experiencing a bigger issue because of being neglected, safety when using it is also guaranteed.  

    vehicle checking in Toyota

    Keep an emergency kit

    The least thing that we want to be in the event of an emergency is not having the necessary tools  to get us out of the situation.

    Carry a basic emergency kit whenever you travel so that experiences of bad luck on the road would be kept to a minimum.

    The ideal set that should be handy when on the road are the following: reflective warning lights, jumper cables, multi-utility tools, flashlight, reflective vest or poncho, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, mobile phone charger or power bank, gas container, as well as extra set of clothes.

    Be more knowledgeable about the vehicle

    The best way to maintain or use any type of vehicle is to gain more knowledge about it. That said, keep the vehicle owner’s manual nearby as it would also aid the user during basic troubleshooting.

    Do not drive/ride drunk, or distracted

    While the Republic Act 10913 (also known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act) was already in effect since May 18, 2017, many road users are still using their cellular phones while in traffic. This type of driving has already resulted in countless injuries, damages, and even deaths. Let’s not be part of this sad statistic.

    Aside from that, always remember that being behind the steering wheel or handlebars when intoxicated was never a sound decision.

    Road signs

    Respect and obey the law

    Laws are there for a reason: they are there to ensure everyone’s safety and instill order. Follow the road signs, be courteous to enforcers, and obey all the rules and regulations on the road.

    Refrain from road rage

    If someone has cut you off, let them pass. If someone’s high beam is blinding you, flicker your headlights so that they would know. Do not hurl invectives, block their way, or share to them a piece of your mind. Instead, try to understand that not everyone has the same knowledge as you have in driving.

    After all, getting home to the destination safely is the reason for owning a vehicle — not picking up a fight with random people elsewhere.

    Practice defensive driving

    Let us be mindful that we are not the only road users. Properly changing lanes; yielding to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users; as well as maintaining a safe driving distance to other motorists are some of the defensive driving techniques.

    What are your other New Year’s resolutions as motorists?

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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