Here are Some of LTO's Approved Modern PUVs That Will Replace the Traditional Jeepneys

Here are Some of LTO's Approved Modern PUVs That Will Replace the Traditional Jeepneys

It was once an ambitious transportation plan that the government aspired to have. Now, their goal to modernize the traditional jeepney has finally materialized--and some of them already within our reach.

And when we say within our reach, we literally mean within our reach--like touching their displays at the Transport & Logistics last August 15 to 17 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

The Modern E-Jeepney

Before we give you some of the approved PUVs of the future, note that there is a standard measurement that the government and other automotive associations mandate all automotive manufacturers to follow. These include:

  • Increased floor-to-ceiling height
  • Side entrances
  • CCTV camera
  • Electric engine
  • Speed limiter
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dashboard camera
  • Electric engine
  • Automated fare collection system (card reader)
  • Emergency exits
  • Ramp and space to accommodate (PWD) Persons with Disabilities
  • Air-conditioner (depending on classification)
Note that it requires a lot of details before a jeepney prototype that's submitted to the government gets finally approved. Those who pass their standards should get a pat on the back for a job well done.

Approved Modern Jeepneys

So without further ado, here are the approved PUVs that will soon ply the roads of Metro Manila:

Sobida BB Sport 4w

Taken from Sobida Motors Corporation-Dimasalang Branch's Facebook

The Sobida BB Sport 4W  is part of the company's BB Remanufactured trucks. This four-wheel Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle measures around 12 ft, and can seat around 18 to 20 people. Its engine is a 4HL1 CRDI Engine (Euro 4), and features a Dual Aircon with Dual Motors.

Forland Modern PUV Jeepney

Image from Wilbert Tan

The Forland Modern Jeepney PUV boasts of using Japanese Technology. It can seat 23 people plus more room to accommodate 12 standing passengers. It can churn out 110 hp.

Fuso Canter

Image from Wilbert Tan

The Fuso Class 2 Model is dubbed as  "Canter Commute." It can seat a total of 30 passengers (20 Seating + 10 Standing). Its features include: air-condition units with vents  mounted overhead to give the interior an equal distribution of airflow.

Other features include: CCTVs, Dash Camera, and Reverse Camera, Electronic Signage, Wi-Fi Access System, LCD TV Monitors, and Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS).

JMC N700

The JMC N700 boasts of a reinforced chassis frame, high-strength steel cabin, and more functional and convenient features. It uses a JX493ZLQ4 engine, and weighs around 4,365 kg. This 6,150 x 1,885 x 2,255 PUV offers good torque: 260 Nm. Its maximum output is 108 hp.

G-Tecnica NKR81P

Image from Wilbert Tan

G-Tecnica uses the Isuzu Elf for its re-manufactured jeepney, so they share the same model with Isuzu when it comes to PUVs. It measures 16 ft, and uses a 4HL1-Engine (CRDI).

Isuzu NKR*

Image from Wilbert Tan

Technically, Isuzu's PUV is still at the final stage of approval from LTO. Still, we think the likelihood of it getting approved is already in the bag. Besides, G-Tecnica has already used this model to showcase its modern PUV, so it's a good sign.

The NKR model measures 14 feet, and uses a 4KH1-TCG40 engine that churns out 120 hp.

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