Honda Monkey, Super Cub reenter Europe with greener engines, other updates


Long-running Honda motorcycle names, the Monkey (main photo) and Super Cub 125 (below), have been kept modern with the addition of Euro 5-compliant engines for the European market. 


The first Honda Monkey was introduced in 1961 as, curiously, an amusement park ride for children, while the first Super Cub was born in 1958 as a motorcycle for the masses. 

Honda Europe said that the Monkey will be powered by a brand-new air-cooled 125cc engine, which nets 9hp and 11Nm of torque. The engine will be paired to a five-speed gearbox, which replaces the old four-speed. 


Meanwhile, two-stage springs for the dual rear shocks smoothen the ride, and a tubular steel rack is available as an official accessory, Honda Europe added. 

As for the Super Cub 125, it's said to receive a "more powerful and efficient air-cooled engine." That engine is a 124cc one with 9.6hp and 10.4Nm of pull. An estimated 250 kilometers can be eked out from the 3.7-liter fuel tank


The Monkey’s steel backbone frame aims to balance rigidity and a supple feel, Honda said, "perfect for the wide variety of conditions the machine is designed to be ridden in."

The oval in cross-section and the swingarm "echoes the circular design theme that runs through the bike." The front forks allow 100 millimeters of travel and wear a premium Alumite finish. 


With mini-ape handlebars, chromed mudguards, upswept exhaust with stamped heat shield, chunky tires, padded seat, and "peanut" tank, Honda said the Monkey retains its recognizable style. 

The bike "pays loyal homage to the original and provides all the cues required to chime both with those of a certain age, and a much younger generation."

Modern accoutrements include an LCD meter, LED lighting, a feature that reduces rear lift under braking, and an "answer back" system that makes the lights flash at the push of a button to locate the Monkey in crowded parking areas. 


For the Super Cub 125, Honda said it's defined instantly by the leg guards and fully enclosed mechanical parts, design cues that remain unchanged. 



Another detail that also harks back to the original are the forged, tapered handlebar that's wrapped in molded resin, which incorporates the switchgear and instruments. 

The S-shaped silhouette, which runs from the step-through space to the rear mudguard, makes access to the bike easier. Updates to the Super Cub 125 also include the addition of a pillion seat and foot pegs as standard equipment. 

LED lighting and the "answer back" feature have also been fitted. 

Photos from Honda Europe

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