Honda shares May production, sales, and export results


Earlier this week, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced a summary of the company’s automobile production, Japan domestic sales, and export results for the month of May 2022.


  • How many cars did Honda sell in Japan in May?

    Honda's JDM sales for the month of May totaled 30,539 units.
  • How many cars did Honda sell outside of Japan in May?

    Honda's export sales for the month of May is 3,802 vehicles.

    In May, Honda produced a total of 244,368 vehicles, 37,285 of which were manufactured in Japan while the remaining 207,083 were built outside of the country.

    To date, Honda has built 246,042 vehicles in Japan from January to May while it has made 1,280,284 vehicles outside of Japan from the start of the year until May. Its overall vehicle production since January now totals 1,526,326.

    In terms of sales, Honda has sold 30,539 in Japan for the month of May, 13,668 of which come from the brand’s mini vehicles. From January until May this year, Honda has already sold 242,328 in Japan.

    Meanwhile, Honda exported a total of 3,802 in May while a total of 27,738 have been shipped from Japan from January to May.

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