Hyundai announces Hydrogen Vision 2040


The Hyundai Motor Group has announced its Hydrogen Vision 2040, a plan to popularize the use of hydrogen through the introduction of new technologies and mobility solutions in transportation and other industrial sectors.

Hyundai also unveiled its plans that will see the electrification of all new commercial vehicle models — featuring fuel cell electric or battery-electric powertrains, as well as the application of fuel cell systems — to all models by 2028.

“Hyundai Motor Group’s vision is to apply hydrogen energy in all areas of life and industry such as our homes, workplaces, and factories. The goal is to make hydrogen readily used for everyone, everything, and everywhere. We want to offer practical solutions for the sustainable development of humanity and with these breakthroughs, we aim to help foster a worldwide Hydrogen Society by 2040,” explained Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung.

According to the South Korean automotive brand, Hydrogen Vision 2040 will see Hyundai release its next-gen fuel cell system in 2023 — which it says will come in 100kW and 200kW variations. By 2028, Hyundai plans to become the first automaker to apply fuel cell systems to all its commercial vehicle models. In 2030, Hyundai aims to produce a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) with a price point comparable to a battery electric vehicle (BEV).


At the forefront of Hyundai’s hydrogen vision are vehicles and machines like the Trailer Drone, Fuel Cell e-Bogie, Rescue Drone, H Moving Station, RHGV (Rescue Hydrogen Generator Vehicle), and the hydrogen-powered hybrid sports car Vision FK.


“By developing advanced technologies and innovative systems — as well as encouraging close collaboration between public and private sectors across the globe — it is possible to make this sustainable vision a reality for all,” said the Hyundai Motor Group boss.

Photos from Hyundai

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