Hyundai and Shell expand collaboration for clean energy solutions


Two of the biggest names in their respective industries, Hyundai Motor Company and Shell, signed a new five-year Global Business Cooperation Agreement which was streamed online from Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang, Korea.

“This time around we will join forces to drive positive change with clean mobility solutions that benefit all,” said Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations Division of Hyundai Motor Company Un Soo Kim. “With Shell, we will be securing our competitiveness within the automotive industry, continuing our transition as a smart mobility solution provider,” he added.

The agreement marks the fourth extension of their partnership which will run until 2026. This time, Hyundai and Shell will focus on clean energy and carbon reduction in a proactive response to market changes. Through this agreement, the South Korean multinational car company looks to increase eco-friendly production and continue its transformation as a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. In return, Shell will also expand its role in providing Hyundai with cleaner mobility solutions.

The partnership outlines cooperative undertakings reflecting both companies’ stride in this new, cleaner direction. The agreement will involve a plan to establish a new type of service channels specialized for mobility service providers in Asia. Both Shell and Hyundai will also be looking at discussing cooperation schemes for energy supply business, such as EV and FCEV charging services — taking us closer to the realization of cleaner mobility. 

“Accelerating the mobility sector to net zero will require collaborative pioneers willing to act now and establish the alignments needed to deliver a cleaner energy future,” according to Carlos Maurer Executive Vice President of Shell’s Global Commercial Business. “We believe we can best enhance Hyundai’s customer service experiences by tapping our EV charging expertise and our deep insights gathered from daily interactions with motorists at our 46,000 retail sites globally,” he continued.

Both Hyundai and Shell share the same commitment to leverage technology to help deliver their vision for energy transition. The two companies run joint R&D activities including first-fill lubricants that meet Hyundai’s specific engine requirements and could lead to future collaborations on e-Fluids development for EVs.


The two have also been involved in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) competition with Shell backing Hyundai Motorsport to form the Hyundai Shell MOBIS World Rally team who now shoots for a second victory. 

Photos from Hyundai

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