Hyundai Cradle to host Mobility Innovators Forum 2021


Hyundai Motor Group announced that its center for technologies, Hyundai Cradle, will host the upcoming Mobility Innovators Forum (MIF).

“We are thrilled to host the 6th Mobility Innovators Forum, building on the success of the past five gatherings. Life during the past two years, in particular, has called for both creativity and innovation. So, the group expects MIF 2021 to offer thought-provoking insights for our lives going forward,” said Hyundai Cradle Silicon Valley Head Henry Chung.


Being Hyundai’s center for technologies, including mobility services, smart cities, AI, advanced materials, eco-friendly energy, and robotics, Hyundai Cradle has been the host of the MIF since 2016.

Hyundai Cradle has convened global leaders and industry experts to discuss the future of mobility and inclusive society.

Cradle works around the globe as an open innovation hub for the Hyundai Motor Group. It has partnered with and invested in global startups to accelerate the development of advanced automotive technologies. Cradle also collaborates with universities, investment companies, venture capitalists and numerous research groups.

The theme of the sixth annual MIF is “Life-Driven Innovation: Creativity Empowers Innovation,” which emphasizes the importance of bringing creative mindsets, new perspectives, and collaboration with technologists to innovating human-centered mobility solutions.

MIF 2021, says Hyundai, will begin with an impactful keynote speech from environmentalist David de Rothschild.

It will then be followed by discussions held between mobility industry leaders and imaginative thinkers, such as artists, philosophers, and filmmakers, among others. According to Hyundai, the said discussion topics will include empathy-rooted mobility freedom, mindful sustainability, consciousness in robotics, the believable in the unbelievable, as well as the symbiotic relationship between creativity and technological innovation.

Like last year’s MIF, which attracted 1,829 participants, including 133 startups, 64 OEMs, and 38 investors, this year’s event will be held virtually — from October 27 to 28.


MIF 2021 will be streamed live to global audiences from Silicon Valley via Hyundai’s website, allowing everyone who has signed up for the event to watch.

In addition, Hyundai Cradle will also host the virtual breakout session, “MIF Ignite,” to foster potential networking and further discussion between the Hyundai Group and registered audiences.

Photos from Hyundai and the Mobility Innovators Forum (MIF)

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