WATCH: BTS in Hyundai vid celebrating acquisition of Boston Dynamics


Hyundai celebrates its acquisition of Boston Dynamics — an American engineering and robotics design company — with a special video starring worldwide pop icon and Hyundai’s global brand ambassador BTS.

Check out the video here.

The video showcases how Boston Dynamics robots can be programmed to conduct physical movements.

Its “Spot” and “Atlas” robots can be seen dancing with BTS to Ioniq: I’m On It,  a special track released in 2020 to promote Hyundai Motor's EV brand.

“With the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, Hyundai Motor will expand its new robotics business to provide customers with exciting mobility experiences,” said Hyundai Motor Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Schemera.

“We look forward to exploring new marketing opportunities to communicate with millennials and Gen Z, in particular, about the enormous potential offered by Hyundai’s new robotics in daily life, enabling progress for humanity,” Schemera adds.

Hyundai says that robotics is an important area of business development for the company. Last September, Hyundai demonstrated its interest in advancing robotics by introducing VEX (Vest EXoskeleton), a wearable robot that supports production line workers, as well as an Electric Vehicle Charging Manipulator and other Robotic Personal Mobility solutions.

Hyundai’s special brand video also features the Kids Nexo, a miniature version of the Nexo hydrogen fuel cell-powered crossover SUV.

According to the automaker, the Kids Nexo is a close replica of the real vehicle with vegan leather seats, exact stitched detailing, and rear sensors that trigger a sound when the car encounters obstructions.

There’s also a Nexo Push Car designed for malls, department stores, and supermarkets and has air-purifying filters to improve the environment for children roaming around in these push cars.

Photo from Hyundai

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